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    kx 450f 07 feed oil pump damage

    helicoil at 50, Striped down crankcase, found that the scavange pump only returns oil from the cam, piston, crank, not the gear box. So the feed pump has the filter the hard metal parts from gear box and clucth etc, so to clean scavange screen is not half the benefit you think, the bulk contamination is filted from the feed pump screen , so those who clean the scavange filter and feel good, do not,you may need to split the crank case. If you have a major problem with the motor, and think oil flow, clean, replace feed oil screen.
  2. mattwatson

    kx 450f 07 feed oil pump damage

    Riding with my mate, he stoped said his kx was making noise under the clutch cover, I listened it sounded like a bit like having your kick start down, but not as loud. So we decided to pick it up with the ute. At home we striped off the right cover, found nothing wrong untill we got to the feed oil pump,it had a tight spot to turn with your hand, so took it apart and found it had very bad pitted impeller and outer ring, it had small aluminium flecksin it, shalf had not broken. Took left cover and looked at the scavange oil pump, quite a bit of aluminium in the filter, but ok, pump also in fine order. The large drain plug had been helicoil when bike was brought at 50hrs, done 70hrs. Have orded new feed pump, piston, rings and pin.Will strip the motor caseings and check the feed screen, will let you know what we find. Has anyone had problems with the feed pump, and know the cause?
  3. mattwatson

    lose the 07yz450f!

    I think you will find that the breather will blow engine onto the filter, this will do two things dilute the sticky filter oil, also the extra oil will carry the dirt through the filter with it. Also when rideing in wet conditions, or you water blast your bike, cover the side cover holes,water will also wash dirt through.I have a 06 450 and stalled with water just over the breather, becouse I knew it could suck up water, (when the engine not running and the crankcase is cooled by the water), I started it then checked the dip stick,found water, so had to ride 10 minutes back, I have left it standard, but thought that a check valve setup,with a small 5mm tube above it to equalise the pressure, with the small tube in the air cleaner box, makeing sure the discharge is not on the air cleaner.