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  1. KFXBob

    Rangers ticketing in Spangler

    YEP, went on a few rides and saw no one else !!
  2. KFXBob

    Some Go Pro from Cal City to Randsburg

    Cool video !!
  3. KFXBob

    Riders missing, staged from Randsburg

    A special place indeed, I find it hard to speak while there, when I do its in a wisper and a lump in my throat.
  4. KFXBob

    Riders missing, staged from Randsburg

    Well said, the families/friends have experienced a HUGE loss and just a few days before Christmas. Focus on helping them with your condolences and not your "Monday morning quarter backing" on how, why and what happened . Give it a rest PLEASE !!
  5. KFXBob

    Riders missing, staged from Randsburg

    Sorry to hear the news of finding their bodies. If they were headed to Cuddyback and were last seen at Osdick road, they went the wrong way from there if they ended up at Government peak ??
  6. KFXBob

    Riders missing, staged from Randsburg

    Very sorry to hear this, thoughts and prayers to the family.
  7. KFXBob

    Riders missing, staged from Randsburg

    Yes, a bunch of inexperienced search people might not see evidence of a vehicle traveling in that area or miss a mine shaft or ?? If they are paired up with a pro or providing transportation for a qualified SAR person thats one thing, but a bunch of people running around in circles isn't doing anyone any good. People who know the area well are usefull as well. Just hope the search turns up a positive result.
  8. KFXBob

    Riders missing, staged from Randsburg

    Agree, I don't like the place in daylight, never mind after dark. Many, many years ago, A Supervisors Father in Law lived in Red Mountain, he was a really cool older man, but some of the stories he told us sent chills down my spine, many of these "Desert Rats" are out there for a ______ reason. I will let you fill in the blank for the reason.
  9. KFXBob

    Riders missing, staged from Randsburg

    I mentioned this on the D-37 forum, but what if the wandered into the Miners/rockhound camp near the R X R tracks at Spangler ?? The road into there is off 395 between the tracks and Garlock road, definatly worth looking into. NOT a good place to be lost or broke down.
  10. KFXBob

    Riders missing, staged from Randsburg

    Hope the find them soon, and in good health as well.
  11. KFXBob

    Dumb question about horn

    What He said, I have a 06 TE450. The "L" shaped bracket broke off and I just drilled another hole and remounted it to the triple clamp.
  12. KFXBob

    Radiator braces/cage

    Running the E E guards, been good to me for sure.
  13. KFXBob

    searching for lost valve shim. suggestions?

    ITS NOT I just make sure its on its side and keep all the gears/spacers/etc where they belong.
  14. KFXBob

    extra fuel

    Thats what I have, two of them to be exact. My backpack has two compartments on the sides and the bottles fit well. others use "gator ade" bottles and as soon as there is room in the tank dump them in.