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    Too many.....but mainly, Horses, Aquarium Fish, RC Planes, Hot Rodding, Dirt Bikes, Snowmobiling, Fishing, Kites, Golf, Exercising, Baseball, Skiing, Pretty much anything that's fun......boating, water skiing, Ham Radio ....you name it. Wanna play?

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  1. sdcfish

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    Bro that '19 looks so sick! I remember that moment when I got mine, and it truly is a great feeling.....Have fun with the build. BRAAAAP!
  2. sdcfish

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    Wow! Love how you didn't go light on the pipe wrap clamps.....I should have used more too. Sweet bike man....put some knobby's on that thing and you got something!
  3. sdcfish

    2014 500 exc, so much confusion....

    I have the 2013 with desmog and euro map. Runs like silk although I’m sure a pipe would open up the top end more like mentioned before here. I’m totally happy with the performance just with the desmog, euro map and .61 TPS. Best bike ever!
  4. sdcfish

    2012-13 KTM 500EXC H.I.D. Lighting Kits

    That is a super sweet setup......Im gonna check it out, but if I do go with a kit.....this would be in my liking:)
  5. sdcfish

    2012-13 KTM 500EXC H.I.D. Lighting Kits

    Found them on Amazon actually.....decided to order two different bulbs.....one is like 6500 Kelvin which is pretty white, and the other is an 8000 Kelvin that is inching towards some soft blue....will be interesting to see how they both work. Maybe return one or just keep a backup....no biggie.
  6. sdcfish

    2012-13 KTM 500EXC H.I.D. Lighting Kits

    Do you happen to have a link to these bulbs? More interested in the main headlight bulb.....thanks!
  7. sdcfish

    New guy

    Congrats on the bike.....I am sure by now you have ridden it and have fallen in love. Three of my riding friends have these bikes....love them to death. You probably are needing a top end if it's not already done, but look up the maintenance schedule online or dealer to get the hour schedule for major stuff.
  8. 4-stroke....but a nice 300 XC-W would be nice to have too:)
  9. sdcfish

    2017 450EXCF 6 days stuff

    My friend has the 2017 450 EXC Six Days....maybe 10 hours on it. Already had first service done...oil change, valve adj check etc..... Idle is not stable and won't settle down after some revving. Dealer can't figure out what the problem is after two weeks, and EU forums are saying this is a common problem. Anyone? We are missing some great riding! I think some new mechanic from factory are going to dealer tomorrow to help.
  10. I sent him to ESP in Burbank and they did a sag adjustment and set him up best they could without doing too much. Right now it's fine....he weighs 220 I think so he's a big guy, but not riding hard for a while so it's fine. I thought it just felt kinda soft bouncing up and down, but pretty plush going through some rollers. My bike however has had a full re-valve and it's the SHEET!
  11. Thanks and definitely helps. I also figured the front bar mount positioning would help him.....will do that as a starter and see how he feels after 3-4 more rides. I still think he can get more "vertical" than he currently is, and that should come with some more riding time and being more comfortable. Good to hear you're hitting the gym......that is the way! Keep pushing!
  12. He will have to figure that one out later about the mapping, but I don't think he's too worried about having extra power anyway......for now, it's just about getting comfortable on the bike.....ride ride ride I told him.
  13. Yup.....we already agreed on the sub mount scott's.....I have one too on my bike and it's golden. Funny you mention the seat.....he did notice the soft seat I added to my 500.....but not sure a taller seat is gonna help him when standing up.....thoughts on that? I was hoping maybe we could lower his pegs, but not sure his bike has options for that. Im sure we can just get a taller bend on bars and raise his bar 1-2 inches....
  14. Rcarson4, I rode my friends 2017 450 EXC "STOCK" yesterday......I ride a '13 500 EXC and we were out for the first time on that bike...it was street broken in and already has had first oil change and valve check etc....but still 100% stock on the engine...no changes to anything except rear sprocket changed to a 50T. I thought the bike was obviously restricted by the smog stuff, and muffler screen....the bike had not much power, but felt smooth and moved along fine for it's condition. I loved the handling, and the super light feel of the bike...especially the front end you could lift up so easily.....the steering felt super loose and will need a steering damper for sand riding asap! With all this rain here in So Cal, the dirt is soft pretty much everywhere and the bike didn't like that too much. Especially for a beginner rider to dirt, it was not forgiving at all. I didn't happen to even notice the map switch which bums me out, because I would have liked to have played with it....so I may very well have been riding in the lowest mode it has.....Im still not sure of the settings it comes with on the switch. My friend is pretty tall, like 6'2 or so, and he had a hard time learning how to ride on the bike standing up comfortably, so I did notice it has a forward setting on the top triple clamps that might be a good idea for him, and even a 1" lift on the bars or bar mounts.....I'll leave that up to him to decide, but we can play around with the front bolt position on the bar mounts. Would like some suggestions for him on this setup to make the bike more comfortable for him to ride. I let him ride my 500 and he was in heaven. Of course I told him to buy the 500 exc but the dealer talked him into the 450 EXC six days......newbie to dirt, but has a long history with road racing....multiple top of the line road bike owner etc..........which DOES NOT help him once he gets on the soft stuff. Made me realize how different off-road riding is and a new appreciation for skills I have developed over the last 40 years of riding in the dirt. Anyone knowing about this year bike, please help us figure out the right setup for my tall pal. Thanks and braaaaaap!