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    Motorcycling mostly. Trying to get off the streets though, so switching it up to trail riding with a dual sport.

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  1. Old Goat Ninja

    Who is Joey Mac?

    I've never looked at YouTube as a source of income, but it definitely can be. My daughter is 12 years old and asked for a YouTube channel so she can make videos with her toys. Apparently she's good at it, because she's already making money from YouTube. Every time she reached $100, she receives a $100 check.
  2. Old Goat Ninja

    Honda CRF250M 19'' Front Wheel Conversion

    This is who did my 17's, but they can make anything. Easy place to work with.
  3. Old Goat Ninja

    Who is Joey Mac?

    You're probably right...
  4. Old Goat Ninja

    Who is Joey Mac?

    Anyone ever figure out who this guy is?
  5. Old Goat Ninja

    Is a front sprocket cover necessary?

    Years ago, on sportbikes, me and my brother in law were riding back home. We BLASTED past some cars at triple digits, and then immediately got off freeway because it was our exit. We come to stop at the bottom, and brother in law looks at me and starts to lean in. His eyes are big so I'm thinking he's trying to tell me something. He keeps leaning in. Nope, I was wrong, his shoelace was stuck and he was falling over. Now here comes all the cars we just acted like grade a jerks too.... I was laughing pretty good
  6. I no longer come to this forum on a regular basis as I no longer have a dirt bike (bad dirt bike accident in 2015). A few days ago I started getting email notifications for EVERYTHING. Any little post I get an email for, even stuff I'm not following, nor have ever followed, etc. I logged in yesterday for the first time in months and changed every notification setting to off, and I thought I had it figured out. Nope, woke up this morning to more emails. It's not just a few either, it's 10+ a day. Highly annoying, especially since I'm not even on the forum anymore. Anyway to stop these?
  7. Old Goat Ninja

    "The Recovery Room"

    Same old riff raff up in here! Stopping by to change some settings on Thumpertalk. Apparently I elected to receive emails on every post every made during the change to the new look haha. Hope everyone is doing well! For those that remember me, my shoulder is well. I haven't been to the doctor in a while. I don't have full motion, but it's good enough for day to day life. It's a constant nuisance, but nothing major. It just moves different than it used to. I'm back in the gym and I can lift weights again, etc. I'll never be as strong or flexible as I was, but just being able to go the gym again is more than I ever expected. It's pretty strong now all things considered. I'm back to riding often again too. All in all, it turned out A-ok. I'll have a life long reminder, but eh, there's no pain and I'm not hooked on pain pills or anything, and my arm is mostly usable again. Since it's not my dominant arm, it works plenty good enough. I can do almost everything I could before. Kinda bummed that the doctor that misdiagnosed me got over on me, but there's nothing I can do about that anymore (a year has come and gone), and the doctor the insurance ended up sending me to was dang good, so it was for the best really. Ride safe everyone!
  8. Old Goat Ninja

    Congrats on New Look

    New look is nice, but I'm getting 30+ emails a day from Thumpertalk daily now. I haven't been on in ages, and I guess the new look has new setting too haha. Anyways, does look nice. Hope everyone is enjoying their CRF250L's! I miss mine sometimes.
  9. Old Goat Ninja

    Warp9 sumo tire review by a peasant.

    Hahaha, Old Boat, that's a new one. Manteca, and there's a track in Stockton that would be perfect for a SUMO CRF250L set up. It's what I actually planned to do, but never made it out to the track. I ride a Grom out on the track now, on the few occasions I get to go.
  10. Old Goat Ninja

    Warp9 sumo tire review by a peasant.

    I bought mine from Moto X Industries as well. I was one of the first to buy, so since they didn't have it online yet, I had to do it through email communication, which was a breeze. They are easy to work with for sure. They sent me (probably everyone) a large sticker with them that I still have on my car haha. It's a cool sticker. I liked the Sumo set up the short time I had it. They look and ride great. They change the gearing ratio, but nothing a sprocket change can't fix.
  11. Old Goat Ninja

    steep uphill on this bike?

    I had same issue. Rotating bars forward helped some. I rotated mine so they were 90 degrees from the ground, if that makes sense. Basically they were straight up and down.
  12. Old Goat Ninja

    Oversized tank, Acerbis or IMS?

    I had the IMS (no longer have CRF250L) and it was great. Instructions suck, but find the IMS site online and there's a great instructional video. I was very happy with the IMS, zero issues. I personally like the look of the IMS over the Acerbis, but I know a lot of people prefer the Acerbis. I did a lot of offroading with mine and it held up just fine to the abuse.
  13. Old Goat Ninja

    steep uphill on this bike?

    13/42 gearing will do it. I did a lot of hill climbing with mine. It eventually bit me in the ass and I looped it and messed my shoulder up a good one, but that's only because it was a narrow single track steep uphill trail and there was a huge boulder right where I went down, so I landed on rock. Before my accident though, I did A LOT of hill climbing with it. I also had full tilt dirt bike tires (not street legal) though, which made a big difference.
  14. Old Goat Ninja

    High speed stability

    I had the stock fender. I replaced it with another stock fender, but in white. It was the same exact fender as stock though.
  15. Old Goat Ninja

    High speed stability

    I sold mine in January, so I don't have mine anymore (but I still love this forum). I had a stock tire set up, a super moto set up, and then a full tilt dirt set up. I have Race Tech suspension set for my weight on all 3, so I don't think the suspension is the problem. I personally think it's the front fender catching wind. No matter what set up I was in, the bike got twitchy in the mid 70's. Even with the SuperMoto setup and full tilt street tires. The reason I think it's the front fender is because my buddy has a DR650. With his stock fender, his bike got twitchy as well. He eventually cut his front fender for looks, and his high speed twitchiness went away. He can now regularly get well into triple digit territory and hold it just fine. I mean well into triple digit, close to 120. He has a SM set up now.