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  1. RickyD

    Metcalf Motorcycle Park

    Very very small, its fun though. How far are you away from San jose?
  2. RickyD

    Mototractor pics

    Nice tractor, sounds like you got a nice deal. Track looks good too
  3. RickyD

    Jlaw...again dude?

    Hit Lawrence in his pocketbook, write a nice email to his sponsors. Guys a punk.
  4. Rip Chaz, he was a good guy
  5. RickyD

    Cummins lope

    Good job, sounds good! I bet it is hard to keep your foot out of it:ride:
  6. RickyD

    Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!

    Same here, next year will be even better, should have a 6mos old at that time:thumbsup:
  7. RickyD

    Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!

    What a Great thread to read, so Happy Linda is in remission:thumbsup: DRZ, babe on a bike:ride: And them pies look DELICIOUS!!!!!!!
  8. Very nice ride:thumbsup: Like someone else said, I miss my Ford:thumbsup:
  9. RickyD

    YUP it is stuck

    Like bc said use a woooden dowel/bat and pound it out. I had one stuck used that method w heat and a candle. The candle wax penetrated and helped break it loose.
  10. RickyD

    chad reed a *****

    True true! Guys a great rider and racer
  11. Good job and nice work. I like that you built it yourself
  12. Clay, did you do the work on your truck yourself?
  13. RickyD

    1997 Nissan Pickup

    A guy at work has a mid 90's Nissan pick up truck. in 2002 it had over 300k on it, only thing that went bad was the ignition switch. He did regular maintenance on it. My 2003 has over 100k and only thing that went bad was a ac line. Great truck. I would not lift it or anything, just maintain it, drive it and have it get you and your bike to and from your riding spot:ride:
  14. Nice pictures:thumbsup: Old Man, when my Pops bought his PSD, he was getting some diesel and this kid says to him "nice truck, thats mine over there" my Pops said it had the 2 stacks and told the kid it looked dumb:smirk: Everybody has their own thing though and we were all kids once:thumbsup:
  15. RickyD

    What are the odds?

    I got about 85 hours out of my top end, I did 2 valve adjustments in between.