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  1. Tmack250crf

    Motorcycle Trespass on Pacific Crest Trail

    You greenness make me sick. You close riding areas, make more rider squeeze into smaller places to ride then complain that the area is getting over ran. How about opening up the places you stole ( and you did steel them) shut your pie hole and let us ride. And if you are the law and are looking for real crime happening just go watch are politicians at work.
  2. Tmack250crf

    Anyone having problems getting their tags?

    I went to DMV they gave me a new sticker.
  3. Tmack250crf

    Mendocino National Forest Volunteer Group

    I'm in, hate low hangers hand saw shovel what else??????
  4. Tmack250crf

    Off Camber riding

    When going side hill off camber what peg is best to load?
  5. Tmack250crf

    Nor Cal Single Track

    If I told you I would have to kill you. ...................Just joking
  6. Tmack250crf

    Questions for KTM 450 XC owners

    I race Scrambles and Enduros on a 450 XC great bike, but in a lot of tight singel track it is a bit heavy late in the race. But I do run a larger tank.
  7. Tmack250crf

    Vintage Motocross Race

    Brad Lackey's 5th Annual Nor-Cal Classic March 13th & 14th Sand Hill Ranch Brentwood CA Sat night BBQ, Live Band, Vintage Swap Meet,Vintage Bike Show European Beer Tent Plus Post Vintage MX Support Class Run what you brung Come see past Champions and stars (Past attendees include) Danny Laporte, Donnie Hansen, Dick Mann, Marty Tripes, Billy Grossi, Tommy Croft, Gary Jones, Chuck Sun, Donnie Cantaloupi, Danny Chandler, Joe Leonard, Bob Hannah and more.
  8. Tmack250crf

    Couple of mammoth bar questions

    NO and Georgetown will close if they think it will rain
  9. Tmack250crf

    Bay area KTM Dealers

    ACE in Concord good price great shop.
  10. Tmack250crf

    Need Advice on Riding Washes

    Stand up squeeze with knees gas on
  11. Tmack250crf


    New company that sells Graphic kits for all bikes has any one delt with them? They only take check or cash.
  12. Tmack250crf

    It's a fact!!!

    I buy last years riding gear (get it cheep) but my Tec 8s are 5 years old to comfy to get rid of.
  13. Well I finaly got my wife to ride a quad a couple of weeks ago:banana: now she wants to try a bike. Does any one know of a place in norther CA that rents dirt bikes?
  14. Tmack250crf

    anyone selling a GREEN stickered 4 stroke bike?

    Get a 07 KTM XC it is green
  15. Tmack250crf

    California lost adventure trail riding - help!!!

    Go to Stony you can make 100 mile loops without crossing your tracks back to the truck.