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  1. joey_243

    2013 rmz250 forks

    Im in the middle of rebuilding my forks right now, just wondering if anyone has the 2013 service manual and could help me out with specs, or even someone that knows where i can get a paid or free pdf for it, i dont have a manual and cannot find oil specs anywhere online, thanks for the help
  2. Txc lost compression, opened valve cover and it appears one of the exhaust valve springs has snapped, I have cams out, my question here is how do I pull the cam chain gear (oil pump too??) out to remove cam chain from it to take the head off and how to find tdc for reassembly, I think I got it But I just want to be sure I think that is tdc but I wouldn't mind a second opinion if that's possible, I have cam notches facing out horizontally, lobes are both angled out, I checked clearances with a shim which seemed to right except of course the snapped one was way low, piston appears to be at top of stroke from looking in spark plug hole and you can see a small hole at edge of fly wheel is pointed up Last picture is of part I'm trying to remove, where the oil line comes in also holds that main cam chain wheel with a secondary gear on back that turns cams, I took oil line off and chain tensioner out, two Phillips are removed it wiggles out a bit but doesnt want to pull through, I may not be pulling hard enough but I just want to be sure before I apply too much force
  3. joey_243

    2013 rmz250 VIN issues

    Picked up a 13 about 3 weeks ago, and when i search the vin, its coming back as a 13 rmz450, i did not get a title, just a bill of sale, any help would be greatly appreciated if this is a common mistake or I got a digit or two wrong, not sure, thanks in advanced
  4. joey_243

    2003 kx125\144 rebuild questions.

    no, its dead, best bet is to part it out and buy something thats not a cowasucki
  5. joey_243

    Is it just me?

    i do the same...only my cr has a pipe and reed setup with a piece a mesh wire inplace of my filter and i can beat the banshee
  6. joey_243

    Who can wheelie?

    I can't slow wheelie though http://s993.photobucket.com/user/joey_2-fitty/media/3F5DD034-475C-462B-9A02-85EF3BAC556D_zpsjacomjcg.mp4.html
  7. joey_243

    Help me wheelie/stoppie

    Try standing up, I have found this let's me get more weight where I want it and I like fast power wheelies too, I'm not too good at slow wheelies http://s993.photobucket.com/user/joey_2-fitty/media/3F5DD034-475C-462B-9A02-85EF3BAC556D_zpsjacomjcg.mp4.html
  8. joey_243

    Which Frame guards should I buy?

    sometimes company's use generic images for their stuff like in your case that is just a frame guard for some random bike and is not what you will be getting, if it says it fits your bike get it.
  9. Every little kid has wanted a dirtbike at some point in his life
  10. well first off, i would start doing some serious benching and lifting all chest and bi's get so buff you loose your flexibilty, and if it takes roids to get there go that route thats what i do and look at me im getting podiums in adult begginer so better follow my way of doing stuff. got it fade?
  11. joey_243

    So the AMA fined Malcom?

    hey if you notice rule 10 states a monster energy supercross event and technically this was not a monster energy sx event but daytona sx because of their copyright stuff or im just thinking about it wrong or overthinking it
  12. joey_243

    ~Please read my story~

    whoever revived this topic, i am so thankful they did because i just spent about three hours reading this entire forum. So was there ever a sequel made orr??
  13. I have learned almost everything I have done from johnnysshop YouTube channel he literally has every thing on there
  14. joey_243

    power up a jump

    This might be wrong or sound backwards but i always just sit on the back of the bike to seat bounce try not to preload the front at all and the preload only the back shock therefore when you come off the lip the front will stay a little lower and not rebound up will the back will rebound up level but dont do this without the throttle or you will endo. And i have never has someone tell me this i have just found this work so if someone more experienced would also comment that would help
  15. Morse code with bike revs