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  1. MyersAvionics

    The TPS adjustment thread

    I figured I would post a few photos and a brief guide as I did not see one here for the 17's. This one, in particular, is on a 2017 KTM 450XC-F. The overall process is very easy and most anyone could do this without too much trouble. The TPS is under a plastic cover on the left side of the bike as you're sitting on it. You have to remove this cover to get at the connector and the two torx head screws in order to move its position. To remove this plastic cover, you must take off the engine mount to the frame. Loosen the throttle body from the airboot and the engine. This way you can rotate the throttle body in order to get the second bolt out of the TPS cover. Take the bolts out of the TPS cover. The top will still be a bit tricky as you can't rotate the throttle body too much. Take your time and ensure you don't strip the bolt. With the cover removed, you can now get at the two torx head bolts and remove the connector. Install the TPS tool and connect your multimeter to ready approximately 1VDC You will have to quickly press the starter to show the initial voltage. Do not hold the button, just a quick press is all that's needed. I found that my initial setting was .507. I set it to .61 and it works well so far, but need more testing. Note: Your FI light will flash 2x a second until you reteach the throttle position valve its new position. You can read more about this in the manual. All you need to do is let the bike run for a while to reteach it.
  2. MyersAvionics

    2017 KTM 450XC-F Battery and stalling

    I'm looking at the Shorai w/210 cranking amps. If it's correct that the OEM is at 150, it'd be a 40% increase which should be fairly noticeable.
  3. MyersAvionics

    2017 KTM 450XC-F Battery and stalling

    Doing a bit more searching it looks like the stock cranking amps on the OEM battery is 150. That seems a bit low to get the big 450 fired up in a hurry to be competitive off the line.
  4. I just purchased a new 2017 KTM 450XC-F and really love the thing. I rode a buddy's 450 and knew it was the bike I was looking for. My 250 just wasn't doing it for me in the power department and I'm not fond of revving the bike to get what I need out of it. It starts fine, but it takes a couple of seconds for it to start up. Not a big deal for most, but I need it to start much quicker to be competitive for harescrambles. Looking up the battery, it doesn't tell me anything about turning amperage or anything of that sort. Curious to know if anyone has replaced the stock lithium battery to get something to be competitive off the line and what they found to be useful. Secondly, I really love the clutch on the bike. It's silky smooth, but once in a while the bike just flames out and it drives me nuts. I don't want to get a Rekluse, but I can't have it flaming out on me every 30min or so. Has anyone had issues like this and fixed it? I've heard the TPS may be something to look into, but don't want to start changing things drastically for a smaller issue. I prefer to get a good baseline of the bike and make tweaks here and there.
  5. MyersAvionics

    YZ250FX More Power!

    I hear ya, but when I first got back into riding, I got a 2012 WR450F thinking I wasn't going to race too much. Instead, it became my main race bike after I discovered how fun off road racing is. That bike had to be about 260lbs without fuel. It didn't feel "that" heavy while riding it, but as soon as you got out of shape a little bit it would toss ya because that extra weight carried a lot of momentum. The other part of it is picking the darned thing up. 25lbs doesn't sound like a lot of weight until you're picking it up with it caked in mud! Still, though, I'm looking at the Yamaha website to find a demo day to try the 450FX out at some point.
  6. MyersAvionics

    YZ250FX More Power!

    I've heard good things about the motor on the 450FX, but the weight of the thing has me questioning even considering it. KTM no gas weight: 223.5lbs 450FX no gas weight: 249.4lbs (26lbs heavier than the KTM!) Yeah, you can reduce the weight a bit with the lithium battery and possibly a different exhaust, but that would only get you 5lbs at the very most. If Yamaha puts the 18 450FX on a diet and gets it down around 230lbs, one would be sitting in my garage once they release. But, seeing how they flow down updates from the MX version to the offroad versions, I do not see this happening anytime soon.
  7. MyersAvionics

    YZ250FX More Power!

    I recently got a steal on a 250FX this past winter after coming off a 2014 Husaberg TE250. I've always wanted to try one out racing after hearing good things and this one just landed in my lap. I've raced it in two haresrambles now. 2nd in the first one and 3rd this past weekend, which was better than I expected as it was a very fast wide open type of course with some MX mixed in. So to the quick point as more often than not, I get going way too long. How have people gotten more power out of this bike? It's great, but I want it to come on harder when I get on it. As it sits right now, I have to really work it and feather the clutch to make it get going in a hurry. I'm not a big fan of just throwing money at a bike without knowing exactly how it will affect it. So at this time, it has the standard off road stuff, plus a full Rekluse 3.0. Motor is stock and it has the stock pipe on it. I rode a Very fast buddy's KX450 that is setup for NEPG enduros and I couldn't believe how quick it was. When I wanted to go, it WENT; Like putting myself in ludicrous speed for short bursts of time. So that has kind of infected my brain and I'm thinking a possible change to a KTM 450XC-F (2017 version) next season. I'm pretty fond of how the FX handles though, so I've thought about the following items. 1- 269cc kit. Does this have a large improvement? How is the reliability? 2- Dr.D full exhaust system. They're a sponsor so I'd go with them, but I haven't seen too many people running Dr.D on the FX. Any thoughts?
  8. MyersAvionics

    YZ250FX Handling Issues

    I'm getting used to my 250FX as well, but I haven't had the issues as you describe. I had the forks and shock done by ProAction Suspension for a 'decent' A rider for harescramble in the midwest. That's much different terrain than you described. I run the forks roughly 2mm above the clamps and the bike corners quite well. For me, the harder i push it into a corner the better it takes it. It's when I'm in 1st gear that it gets a bit annoying, but I really never use 1st as it's set WAY too low. If you ever get into the type of terrain that's similar, I have found running an AT81 rear and MX32 on the front the best combination and I use tubliss on the rear for now. I set it at ~5lbs depending on the terrain. Have you thought about taking the Mouse bibs out? I've never liked how my past bikes have felt with them.
  9. I've always tried to avoid these types of subjects as they are very subjective, but heck, they make fun topics to discuss and argue! I just recently sold my 2014 Husaberg TE250. Why? Well, I mostly race in the midwest where the trails are technical and tight mostly, but not to the level of extreme enduro. This bike seems happiest when riding up sheer mountains and over redwoods! That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but I felt this bike just wasn't the best fit for faster-paced woods racing that we have in and around the Iowa area. I was going to keep it for one more year, but a cheap 2015 YZ250FX became available and I wanted to give it a try for at least a year. This was a step in the right direction. The seller already had a lot of the things I'd need on it (Oversized tank, bark busters, lithium battery, etc.). The only thing I did was went through the motor to make sure it was good and I ended up having to replace the fuel pump. All-in-all I could likely sell it for more than I bought it. So what's the problem?? For me, it's just a bit underpowered to get going in a hurry. That's ok in about 75% of the riding I do, but when it's a deep loam or faster section I need to get up and moving in a hurry to keep up. I recently rode a buddy's KX450F. He rides pretty darned competitively in the NEPG enduros in Open A. This bike was scary fast off the bottom. Too quick he said even, but it was a mistake riding it. Now it has infected my brain with what "could" be. Finally, here's the query... I'm going to ride the YZ250FX for the remainder of the year as I made a commitment to do so. Going into next year, I'm thinking a 2017 KTM 450XC-F. I'm curious to know what people think of this bike. I've read quite a few reviews from reputable magazines, but they all seem to test it in the same type of areas. That being desert conditions and their technical stuff consists of mostly rocky areas. Doesn't really match what I'm trying to correlate it to in the midwest. I've heard the 16 and earlier KTM's can be a bit too "jerky" on technical trails, but the 17 rolls on much smoother and when you want it to "bark" and get going it WILL. I'd also like to avoid the 4CS forks and I've read good things on the AER forks thus far. I'm avoiding the 350 as friends that have it say that it's great ... if you don't mind revving your bike. I'm not a big revver and my 250FX alreayd requires a fair bit of revving out of corners. The only other real option in the 450 category is the YZ450FX. Claimed wet weight of the 2017 is 262lbs with only a 2 Gallon tank. I believe the average weight of gas is ~6.3lbs so the bike is 249.4lbs. This is nearly 26lbs heavier than the KTM's 450XC-F. For the rate of change that's like 10.4% difference between the two bikes! So no little thing. Unless the YZ goes on a bit of a diet for 2018, I'm not sure how it would be on the same level. Well this is much longer than I anticipates. I guess the last thing would be capability. I'm decent on a bike. I race towards the front of Vet-A and can usually catch about half the Open A guys that get a head start and a few unfortunate AA/Pro2 guys that are either entered in the wrong class or having a bad day!
  10. MyersAvionics

    KTM SX 250 2013 tranny/gear oil help!

    I believe i mistyped that 3rd line or i was out of my mind. I tried the Cross Power 2T this past weekend racing and it worked well. Nothing out of the pipe like i had with the 927, however, it smelled terrible. For engine oil, i used Cross Power 4T (15W/50). Worked fine, but i'm thinking of trying the Mobil 1 Type-F ATF or Rotella T6. I change the oil after about every 2hrs as it is and have heard good things with both of these oils. Anyone tried either of these and have good results?
  11. MyersAvionics

    KTM SX 250 2013 tranny/gear oil help!

    I'm piggybacking off this thread instead of creating a whole new one. I ride a 2014 Husaberg TE250 (exact same engine as the KTM 250XC-W). I've been running Maxima Castor 927 for my premix with the Motorex 2T for engine oil. Curious if anyone uses the 927 for both the premix and engine oil. Also curious if anyone uses the 927, then what weight? Their specs say 40:1 for 250cc's, but the service book for the bike says 60:1 (referencing to the Motorex 2T). 40:1 seems pretty heavy. I've been racing with it at 50-55:1 and it "seems" pretty happy and runs well. Thoughts?
  12. MyersAvionics

    Husabergs in Action Pictures

    First ride and race on the 2014 TE250. Haven't raced or even ridden a 2-stroke since 2004 when i switched to a KX 250F for arenacross. This bike is simply amazing. Suspension is all stock and i was actually pretty happy with it. The front end feels near perfect for me aside from smaller hits deflecting it sometimes. This is my first time on a PDS shock and I'm pretty happy with it. I'll probably slow the rebound a bit and it'll be top notch. Already feel faster on this than i did last year on a 450. This picture is from racing this past weekend. This section shown is in one of the few decent areas. The rest was mud on top of ice. Not bad for the first time on this bike.
  13. MyersAvionics

    What am I looking at? Good Deal?

    Looks clean, but i would recommend this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/231459516300?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  14. MyersAvionics

    2014 TE 250

    Great trails! I miss living in CA once in a while when i see stuff like this. We have a great AMA district here for harescrambles/enduro and the trails are awesome, but winter starts early and ends late here in IA.
  15. MyersAvionics

    How to watch - Supercross

    I've heard that Justin.tv sometimes had a stream, but looks like they are officially TwitchTV now. I think my TV has an app for that. May be a bit annoying trying to find a good stream, but may be better than dishing out 100 bucks a month to watch the race.