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  1. kxlubber

    2011 Kawasaki kx450f good?

    I’d buy it
  2. Needs to grab the pegs like the Risk Racing clamps do, for those of us with Pivot Pegz.
  3. kxlubber

    Valving Shim Kit

    SDI, but shipping seems to be more than the shims.
  4. kxlubber

    Need advise

    I picked up mine last fall in a similar situation (price/miles), was actually looking for a 2stroke. It says something good that these bikes are still being sold all over the world and they haven’t changed a thing in over a decade! Haven’t ridden a klx300, but my vote for you would be to get lighter fork springs and ride the wheels off the 450. You should look at the jetting and under the seat to see if the snorkel has been removed from the airbox. My bike came with a full FMF exhaust and was jetted by a dealer, but after removal of snorkel and a couple added holes in the airbox I went from 138MJ and stock needle to 160MJ and 2 size richer needle. You don’t wanna run these lean=burned piston
  5. kxlubber

    What tire for Moab?

    Worry less about the tire and more about finding someplace to stay. I had to run into Moab for a propane fill and the owner of the campground said they were 85% booked for the year and with folks that just show up they end up over 90% occupancy.
  6. kxlubber

    Need advise

    What’s going on with the 450? All stock? Jetted?
  7. kxlubber

    KYB SSS - Can't remove base valve WTF?

    The Zeta stuff seems like a good deal, but I haven’t seen much about the quality/fit. You feel the tolerances and bushes are quality?
  8. kxlubber

    A couple of So Cal Knuckleheads want to vacation in Colorado

    They was a trail and people came from all around but the dang train burned it down
  9. kxlubber

    How to get out of a hole

    What is needed/ what’s the process for you in responding to a PLB linked to NOAA? Like a SPOT?
  10. kxlubber

    The new public lands bill that just passed the Senate

    We did a cross country trip a few years back in a VW camper and I had this App on my phone that I actually had to use a couple times, The Vanagon Rescue Squad. It would tell by your location how far you were from others in the VW Family that would help you when you broke down. Just text( not fancy) phone#, Distance, and a Sentence or two about what they had to offer. (Field , Barn, Lift, Parts vehicle, etc). If you could make a similar App that listed gas, food, hotel, etc for bikers traveling a trail like COBDR it would be a great way to gather a list of businesses that benefit directly from the sport. I know this threads about Utah, COBDR seems like a easy start for a platform.
  11. kxlubber

    Did I just buy too much bike?

    They’re 10/12 and you got a broken bone, you gotta rehab and get back on that bike while you still have a chance at being the lead dog.
  12. Chevy has stopped putting the large Duramax in there vans in 2015-16. They will probably hold good value since there kinda the last of the large family tow vehicles. I had a Ford E350 4wd with LSD that I tow my camper with,over 80days one summer, around SW Colorado and never needed the 4x4. It had way more traction than a truck in 2wd. Just throw a set of Duratrac tires on it.
  13. kxlubber

    Crossbar Fuel or water ideas

    Was watching a 1Q Enduro Jug on eBay last week, sold for $43. I’m in the hunt for the 2Q though... wish I could get one from TT Store
  14. Bought my truck new in 17 for $42.5, I was outta state so that doesn’t include sales tax. No opinion on Duramax but if I was to buy a Ford it wouldn’t be a PowerStroke. Cummins is a real heavy crank mass/ low RPM motor that I believe is B20@500k miles. Ford has the B20 labeling on the side of the trucks but I heard talk that the ratings for only 350k mi. Cummins has 15k mi oil change interval with Valvoline premium blue, couldn’t keep my ford diesel going with 3k changes. The Ram trucks do drive a little different because they don’t have hubs on the front axle- Live axles. It’s like driving a truck with manual hubs engaged but the Transfer Case in 2wd. I disconnected my front Swaybar and it really helps, but I think a better answer would be to add another dose of LSD friction modifier.