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  1. iwheeln2

    Technique: How do you pull the front end up?

    Lean back, Twist throttle........
  2. iwheeln2

    need to restore your plastic?? try this...cheap

    Try Pledge furniture polish........Works great at re-newing your plastic's
  3. iwheeln2

    Cranks,,Are they the same??

    Thanx for the reply's guy's!!!
  4. Sorry for your loss.May god be with you and yours..........
  5. iwheeln2

    Cranks,,Are they the same??

    Are all year's & Models DRZ400 crank's the same?? Thanx
  6. iwheeln2

    more power from the 475!

    Aw some set-up I am getting more & more idea's as I read!!!
  7. iwheeln2

    "tall" Foam seat vs "short" gel seat

    Olddualsporter............It sounds like you are comparing the fit of the seat to your butt rather than doing a comfort difference which is what I am looking for!! Anyone have a pic of the Corbin seat & perhaps cost?? Thanx
  8. iwheeln2

    05 DRZ400 Supermoto

    No I never did a dyno before hand, although it would be great If I had of! Going by the seat of the pants dyno, I'd say she's pretty healthy I went from bairly being able to get the front end up in first using the clutch, to roll on wheelies in first & clutch wheelies in 2nd AND 3rd She's alot of fun!! I am looking into big bore kit now!!!
  9. iwheeln2

    "tall" Foam seat vs "short" gel seat

    I am looking into doing something with the stock seat on my 05 SM, it totally kills my ase on a ride After about 20 min. of riding I find myself squirming around & standing up due to the ase ache Any one do anything to help this matter?? Thanx
  10. iwheeln2

    What are the Jobs of us fellow DRZ owners?

    I am a P.D.R. Tech. ""Paintless Dent Removal"" I am the owner operater of my Co. "Dent Dude" (I take dents out of vehicles with out painting) I @also do the 3M Paint protection film. It replaces bra's & bug Shields. It is a clear film 8 mil's thick applied to the leading edge of the vehicle to protect it from a rock up to a dime size @ 70 mph wont chip the paint guaranteed! Prior to this I was a Conductor for the rail road.
  11. iwheeln2

    What FCR carbs will work?

    Get ahold of Carb. Parts Warehouse. They can help you!!!!
  12. iwheeln2

    Check out my ghetto tail light

    Wow if thats you in your pic I can see why you had to change it I bet it will clear the ground now!! I too have the SM. I changed my tail light & blinkers out also. But went with a led type light on a black inner fender setup & short stalk blinkers. If I new how to get a pic on here I would. Congrats on your SM purchase.........
  13. iwheeln2


    I asked Bronco info about doing a stroker motor & if he had a crank that could be stroked for me & I would give him my crank when I pulled it out to do the R&R. He recommended "Freewheeler". Now I don't know if it is a company or a screen name or ???? I never got an answer! Thanx
  14. iwheeln2


    Well after 91 views so far I'm glad I'm not the only one that doesn't know who they are!! ""ANYONE""???????????????????
  15. iwheeln2


    Any one know how to get ahold of FREEWHEELERS. I was told he (or they) would have a crank for my 05' SM. Thanx