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  1. Love mine, I keep trying to find a bike I like better, for me, for trail riding. My experimentation is getting expensive. KTM 250 2t sold, Wr450 sold. Just finished a five day ride on a KTM 300, can't say I will keep it. I'll never sell the XR4R, I made that mistake once before.
  2. Glad I found this also. Used Bryron909's trick and took care of it. Thanks for the tip! Saved me lots of time and frustration.
  3. GPS track maps Cloudcroft partial overview Rim Trail GPS Benson Ridge area, Taylor Canyon Trail (T5007) & Wills Canyon Trail (T5008) West Side Road Apple Tree Canyon Trail (T5601) Karr Canyon Rd Trails Trail information Trail spreadsheet with difficulty ratings Map Paper maps and other trail information is available at the SACRAMENTO RANGER DISTRICT office http://www.fs.fed.us/r3/lincoln/recr...TMR-GIS-48.pdf http://www.4wdnut.com/t103-caballero-canyon-trail/ http://www.4wdnut.com/t104-alamo-canyon-trail/ http://www.4wdnut.com/t105-rim-trail/ http://www.4wdnut.com/t107-roundup-ground-trail/ http://www.4wdnut.com/t109-alamo-peak-trail/ http://www.4wdnut.com/t110-pipeline-trail/ Video Rim Trail T105 Cloudcroft, New Mexico video Russia Canyon Road, Lincoln National Forest video Wills Canyon Trail (T5008), Lincoln National Forest video Wills Canyon Trail (T5008) II, Lincoln National Forest video Forest Service Road 568 Lincoln National Forest video Old Cloudcroft Highway Trail (T5002) video Hubbell Canyon Trail (T9277) Lincoln National Forest video Willie White Trail (T113) Lincoln National Forest video
  4. Spruce Cabins, there are lots of cabins in town and several motels. The Spruce Cabins offers a 10% motorcycle discount but you have to ask for it to receive it. If you stay 6 nights at the Spruce Cabins, the 7th night is free.
  5. I ran stock 13-48 in the 2 hare scrambles I done so far and did spend a lot of time in first but I also looked for a higher gear several times in the grass track section. The last course was especially tight and technical so I may look at trying a 50 on the rear as I did miss some shifts going from 1st to 2nd.
  6. Mine is a Tusk also. I triple checked that I had the filter going the correct direction for flow. I am racing tomorrow so I don't have the time to mess with it anymore. Maybe I'll try it again later.
  7. When I put on an inline fuel filter the idle stayed high for a few seconds after I backed off the gas. Then I took it off and put a back on a straight hose then the high idle no was no longer there. Are inline filters that restrictive?
  8. Thanks I figure it would be fine but since it wasn't offered as an option I thought I better check. The only option listed was the iridium version of the CR8E.
  9. For an 03 YZ250F I know CR8E is stock but I happen to have a brand new CR8EK that I bought for my old KTM but didn't use. Should I stick with the CR8E or put in the CR8EK?
  10. Thanks for all the info. I also had a question about cold starts so that helps as well.
  11. I did my first hare scrambles event yesterday on my pre-owned 03 YZ250F. I did a couple of practice starts in first gear and give it a little gas when kicking and it fired up perfectly. Of course when the flag dropped I couldn’t get it started and after wearing myself out and having to get a spectator to start it for me I started the race about 2 minutes behind. What’s the secret and what did I do wrong? Besides flooding it.
  12. I don't have an owner's manual but my shop manual doesn't show which way the countershaft goes on or that an o-ring chain might rub on the case. Thanks for your help though... What year is your 250F?
  13. I was worried about the rubbing but I put the chain on anyway and was going to keep an eye on it. The qoute makes me feel better. Since the YZ250F is a race bike I guess most people don't run o-ring chains. Thanks for the input.
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