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    I have digressed so far that I carry packs of throw away ratchet straps and cash in the truck just in case I happen to trip over a deal. It's an addiction, but nothing in the world beats the feeling of hearing the first sounds of combustion out of something everyone else thought was trash. Find it, Fix it, and Tear it up

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  1. Thats the plan.. $200 on the bike... $250 on bearings, fluids, and gaskets. Spent $140 yesterday and ordered a new chain and 216mx/525 tire. Shock seals were good, so I just did fluid, bumper, and had it charged. Now I just have to rebuild or replace the front forks and decide on a headlight and it's good to go. At the end of the season, I'll inspect the cylinder and replace the piston with a wiseco.
  2. It is an oem piston. It's a $200 basket case bike that came with a new piston, rings, and gaskets. The original 97 piston had broken and cracked a case half.. Crazy thing is the cylinder survived and was in spec. I bought a used case half, some bearings, seals, fluids, broke it all down.. Cleaned it up and it's ready to fire. I'm going to limit the piston to 25 hours. You are all welcome to pray with me that it lasts that long... But I think it will be fine. At the end of this year, I'll replate and install a wiseco.
  3. Can anyone confirm the correct location for the bottom ring indicated in the manual diagram? It is not mentioned in the installation portion and no instructions were given with the ring set. I assume it's installed in the groove of the lower piston ring before its installation?
  4. Does anyone have a set of used XR400 fork springs for sale? Or know of someone who would? I have tried all my local suspension shops and eBay and have had no luck. Pm me if you have any leads and thanks.
  5. Tmosely1

    Grinding noise after riding in mud

    Chain Guard rollers?
  6. Which one did you use? And what fab was needed?
  7. How much fab work was involved and do you know which bikes they used them on?
  8. Well... After noticing a few random XR drips here and there, I suppose that I will now have to admit that my remote res XR600 shock is toast. I know that the later XR600 shock is a bolt on and the XR650L shock is an option. The bike is an 89 XR600 that has a 93 XR650L swing arm on it now with a 08 linkage. Anyone have any bits of rear shock info or suggestions they want to share? I understand that there are no seals available for the remote reservoir shock?
  9. Tmosely1

    KDX 220?

    Is that the bike out of Allen with no kicker and carb? There is a guy in Tulsa parting one on craigslist.
  10. Tmosely1

    XT 600E 1992 please help

    Is the speedometer needle bouncing around at low speed and then smoother at higher speeds? It could be a rhythm from the cable binding in the sleeve.... If not, then I would think William1 is correct and you are getting chain noise.
  11. Tmosely1

    02 YZ125 rider @ 167.5 pounds

    Thanks for the lead on those @djidji... great information
  12. I bought an 02 basket case YZ125 to build as a woods bike. I have re-plated the cylinder, replaced the bearings, and measured the motor tolerances and all is good there. I have now broke down the forks and I'm installing new (OE) bushings and seals. I also purchased a tech touch kit for the rear shock. The condition of the fork caps and spring guide nut leads me to believe I am working on a set of forks that are on OG internals. The base valve also does not appear to have ever been opened. The caps were still on the lower adjusters... which was a nice thing to see on a 16 year old bike. The fluid ran a little dark till drained and then was a bit dirty on the overnight drain. I intend to flush them with some fresh oil tonight and leave them for another 24. My question is ... In it's stock form... Do you feel like this stock suspension setup can be made to work for me as a woods bike? I am 42 / 167.5 / 6'1. Or do I need to pull the valves and consider changes? I have never rode the bike... So I have no idea. If anyone has the experience with this suspension that can enlighten me.. I would appreciate any knowledge. If there are known issues with the stack... I would like to know before I put them back together and have to learn it on my own. Also, I can't find a marking on the springs... does anyone know if they are marked and where? Is there anyone on the forum that has experience and would be comfortable doing an email stack for me? I know that there is a program to do stacks, but I also know that experience always trumps computer programs. Also... If anyone has any links to posts... send away. I have searched for days and not found much solid info.
  13. Tmosely1

    left side directional switch

    I ground some the nub... But left about 1/3 of it to provide some surface tension to keep it from sliding on the bars. I just used a file and got it right in a couple fittings. My experience in the past is that on some bars, removing the whole nub makes for a loose fit and the switch tends to require tape or something to keep it secure on the bar.
  14. Tmosely1

    Stator questions on a 1989 XR600

    I will check them tonight if I can get time.