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  1. MrMuffins

    Need to get the 400 quieter

    Hey boys, Good news- The new part made her much quieter. After comparing the old one to the new one... there were about 6 holes drilled way up in the end of the old one... like around the edge of the single exhaust hole behind the spark arrestor screen... probably tripling exhaust flow... reason it was much louder. Don't think I would have been able to fix it, so buying the new part was the right move. Bike still not a sewing machine... it has a throaty growl from under the seat... I'm guessing there's some airbox/snorkel mods and whatnot... I think it sounds pretty good though. I appreciate the info - TrailRyder, haven't checked that. Where do you look to check?
  2. MrMuffins

    Need to get the 400 quieter

    10 4. I appreciate the info on where to find the spark arrestor... got one ordered and on the way! Maybe when I compare the new spark arrestor to the one that's in there ... might be able to figure out how the bike is so danged thunderous. TBH I cannot for the life of me figure out why bike is loud... as spark arrestor looks to be intact and stock.... maybe I'm an idiot! She sure scoots though! A previous owner uncorked her... no snorkel, or the screen behind the air filter.... little aftermarket parts scattered here and there... prolly reason why bike is loud too... did something to the exhaust... Will give an update. *As a side note I'm wondering how much you can beef up the suspension... as wife's slo-motion video of XR hitting a small jump showed it bottoming out... and I weigh 150.... ehhhh? Not sure if I want to mess up the handling though, as the marshmallow ride helps her corner real nice.
  3. MrMuffins

    Need to get the 400 quieter

    I need to get my old XR400 quieter. It came like it is, pretty dang loud even though the stock spark arrestor assembly is still in there and looks to be unmodified... looking for a replacement is where I'm gonna start. Figure maybe after 17 years maybe its just worn out. Where can you find a stock XR400 spark arrestor assembly? The OEM one? I've been looking on eBay and the parts websites, no go. Been practicing and building a little track around the property and I don't want to drive my neighbors insane. I'll see about posting a pic of the assembly I've got in there in the next day or two, maybe somebody will see something I don't.
  4. MrMuffins

    Bored and tired of the XR, sell or modify?

    I'd keep the ole XR. You'll regret selling it at some point... I sure regretted selling my old XR400... ended up buying another one a few years later after my two strokes kept breaking down and draining my bank account. Will never sell my XR, ever. Have to pry it from my dead cold hands. Cheap to run, clean... bulletproof. When whatever bike you end up getting explodes and needs a rebuild, you can fall back on ole reliable. If you want an exciting, agile bike to flick around and don't mind wrenching, getcha a crusty old CR and fix it up. I'd specifically recommend a steel framed 92-97 CR125. Total opposite of the XR. No bottom end. Like a 50cc Chinese moped at first. But around upper mid range, the powerband hits, and those bikes scream... I mean they absolutely scream. Will tear your arms off at the handlebars and leave bloody stumps. Sold a mint 96 a few years ago... wish I woulda just rolled it in the barn and let it sit until I got back around to it...
  5. MrMuffins

    Bike Suggestions

    Feed that boy some collard greens and put him on the 150f. Not too heavy, moderate easy to ride bike. He can handle it. I was a boy once, small for my age. Handled the 150 for quite a while, starting around 13yo... If he gets more than two to three feet of air just tell him to be sure and land on the back tire.
  6. MrMuffins

    96 kx125

    That bike ain't red
  7. MrMuffins

    Whirring noise!? Cr 125 06

    I had a cr125 that made a whirring noise.. ... Turned out it was one of the main bearings. You're hunch is probably right. Dug up the ole vid of my bike running with the bad bearing. If that's what it sounds like... that's what its gonna be.
  8. MrMuffins

    Are 02+ CR250's as bad as they say?

    I used to have an old ragged out 2002 CR250. Bike got the hole shot one time in a big hare scramble. Not slow! The power delivery was smooth and consistent. She'd lug from the bottom without stalling when it was needed, mid to top was where the smooth hard hitting power was. Bike made more than enough power... actually needed to tame the hit with a flywheel weight. As far as comparing it to the YZ... apples to oranges. Both great bikes. You can tune them and get them set up to ride how you want and they'll both perform just fine.
  9. Getcha a repair manual. Paper ones pop up on Ebay and Amazon.... You can download PDF's for free if you know where to look, but I personally prefer a good old fashioned hard paperback manual. Go step by step by the manual, take pictures, make sure you have a good work space set up. BTW these old school steel framed cr125's are mean bikes. Real mean. It'll be worth it when you get her put together. That power band will flick on like a light switch and tear your arms off.
  10. MrMuffins

    100% Beginner in need of advice

    Getcha a 250 two stroke, cheapest one you can find... and just hammer down the throttle and keep it in the pipe. You'll do fine! I'm just pulling your leg. Don't do that. I'd go with that crf150f. Perfect learner bike. Try and get it for $800-$900... look at the air filter... talk about how you gotta re-do the brakes and tires... get it tuned up... change the oil... spark plugs... etc. Then just take your time and fart around somewhere in an open area. Wear a helmet. Get boots. Bikes i'd recommend- crf150f (air cooled, not the liquid cooled mx bike) crf230, ttr225/230, xr250, xr200.... With your size... you could get an XR250 and probably handle it just fine as a beginner. Plus its a trail bike... you could keep riding it as you develop your skills and ride it as long as you like. Just keep the oil changed. Stay away from that KTM if you're just starting out. Otherwise you'll Keep Throwing Money
  11. MrMuffins

    Questions to ask Craigslist sellers

    Ding dang ole' Craigslist man. Yo. If the price ain't right, the bike ain't right. If you want a cheap bike off Craigslist that has a decent chance at running for any period of time.... you want air cooled old school four strokes, maybe a two stroke KDX..... So you're looking at the XR, TTR, DRZ, DT line of bikes... If its a motocross bike and the price is under $1500-$1800.... you can bet the motor has some time on it... and it will only be a matter of time before it goes kaput. Or its a scam... some 12 yo kid from Sudan with a crusty laptop and the internet. That being said, sometimes you'll run across a good deal. Look for crappy poorly lit pics. Check the air filter, ask about oil changes... tune ups, maintenance done... tire condition... look at all of the small parts like chain and sprockets, chain sliders, spokes, brake pads... you can get nickel and dimed to death with all of the small parts. Meet in a public place. Not out back behind the trailer in Randy's tool shed out in the sticks. Bring a buddy or tell someone exactly where you're going. If the seller is sketchy... getting weird vibes... get outa there. Keep some heat in the truck. Bring tie down straps. Don't be afraid to drive away. Craigslist is addictive.
  12. MrMuffins

    Cr 125 rebuild

    Make sure you have a good work space set up
  13. MrMuffins


    I have no doubt owning a snow bike would be fun. The problem lies with the price. Snowbikes aren't affordable for the average middle class penny pinching American. If you want a bike that can run the varying altitude and push those tracks hard enough, reliably, you're already gonna be forking out at least $6,000 - $10,000 before you even get a kit. Gotta have that fuel injection and some heavy cc's. After the kit you're out another $4,000 or so.... So then you've got a $10,000-$14,000 rig, probably more once you get the heated grips. Not for the po' folks. Or the cheap folks. Cheapest you could do is find a fuel injected 450 with a blown motor, rebuild it yourself, then find a used kit. You'd have a relatively crusty rig and it'd still be minimum $4000 or more. Maybe down the road they'll develop cheaper kits for less powerful, older bikes. Hell it might be fun to make a kit.
  14. MrMuffins

    What do you dirtbikers do for a living??

    Smells like bacon in here
  15. That looks like astro turf