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  1. 418Stroker

    How to free up locked spoke nipples?

    I worked on one in the past that required 2 vice grips and a spoke wrench to turn. At a later date I purchased a tusk rim/ spoke kit. Bolt cutters are the fastest way to get old spokes out.
  2. 418Stroker

    yfz450r SE vs Raptor 700 SE

    700 has a little more hp stock and makes peak hp about 3000rpm lower than the 450. The 700 has way more potential for making big hp if you want to mod it. No reverse on the 450 and it has stiffer suspension for the MX track.
  3. 418Stroker

    Airbox Question

    Top end means changing the piston, rings and pin that conects the rod and piston. "Top end" is a saying that started from the two stroke engines when refering to dirt bikes.
  4. 418Stroker

    Athena 280 Big Bore Jetting?

    My 07 has a 58 leak, 42 pilot, stock needle and 172 main jet. My BB/stroker has 160 hrs on it, put a new piston in at 75 hrs. Runs great with no issues, with the increased torque, you can drop 2 teeth off the back sprocket.
  5. 418Stroker

    Athena 280 kit, 2008 CRF250R- Jetting?

    Start at stock jetting per manual and drop 2 sizes on the main as a starting point.
  6. 418Stroker

    08 CRF250R with 37mm carb jetting

    40mm stock, stock jetting is listed in service manual.
  7. I use SS oil and fuel filters on my drag car, the reason they do not come on production cars is for economic reasons.
  8. 418Stroker

    2015 crf250r - thinking of a big bore kit

    Tracking # 9405510200882189167059 USPS 11/2/2016 delivery date
  9. 418Stroker

    2015 crf250r - thinking of a big bore kit

    You will need to drop 1-2 teeth off the rear sprocket, with the increased torque it will rev through the stock gearing too fast.
  10. 418Stroker

    Looking for 06-09 muflers

    I have a good set, if you lived in the USA I would ship them.
  11. 418Stroker

    New spark plug - how often

    With 100 hrs, I would replace the piston with a new plug.
  12. 418Stroker

    2015 crf250r - thinking of a big bore kit

    When going through my bottom end I found a bearing that was going bad. Bearing was not smooth when rotated by hand, replaced all bearings in lower end while in there. Check oil pump when replacing crank.
  13. 418Stroker

    2012 250R and Rekluse EXP 3.0

    The EXP 3.0 has good adjustability with multiple wedges and springs. I have 144 hrs on mine with no issues, I inspect it every 40 hrs for wear, still on all original parts.
  14. Great idea, I will use this one!
  15. 418Stroker

    Gear trouble

    Check clutch basket for notching.