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    pardon my ignorance, but where are all the wr125's? all i ever see on ebay are cr125's. are the wr's all 6 speeds? i got desperate and got a gasgas 125 that came along but i'm still looking for a wr125. by the way, i have a te450 but am going back to 2-str's , they are more fun, no doubt. i'm also an over 60 geezer! where should i be looking? mikey
  2. mikey888

    2002 gas gas 300xc

    squish? i have a gg 125 and 200 xc's. that's the first i've heard of the head squish business. does it apply to the other displacements and could you explain. thanks, mikey
  3. mikey888

    Are the X Games deflating Supermoto's tires?

    i have to agree with soolio. the x games tries to turn it into supercross in the stadium. that's why the euro's didn't show. look at keunzel, he's got the #1 plate and he never got in the top ten because of the giant dirt section. if you want supercross fine, just don't cal it supermoto. see how the euro's do it, it's a different sport....mikey
  4. mikey888

    Free Dyno runs,ama denver rounds.

    does this mean you have to be entered in the denver race to get dino'd? mac also, did you race vintage mx in the 90's with jeff ecker? mac
  5. mikey888

    dealer in ohio

    anyone have any experience with Racereadycycle in Dover, ohio? are they straight shooters? they have a TM on ebay. also, are 125 tm's as reliable as their bigger bikes? thanks, mikey
  6. i have 2 83 dr500's and an sp500, the slightly earlier cousins of you bike(100cc's more). i have no trouble getting parts thanks to ebay. why ride a honda like 50 million other guys when you can have something more unusual like the suzuki. however, i'd expect to ge it for much closer to $500. also, note the dr650 is its newer cousin and it is a heck of a dual sport bike to this day. and, in europe they sold a 750version (saw one here) and i thinnk an 800 or 850. be unique, go suzuki.....mikey
  7. mikey888

    05 te450 mx can

    anyone have the mx can from a tc they want to get rid of. or what can does anyone recommend for a little more track zip for an 05te450? mikey
  8. mikey888

    Collarbone/Shoulder Protection

    see my comment above in "upper body protection". i use hockey shoulder pad with a football neckroll. cheap and no more busted collar bones...mikey
  9. mikey888

    upper body protection?

    here's a different take. i've found chest protectors don't protect collar bones or shoulders very well. i've gone to hockey shoulder pads. the upper protection is much better, they aren't hot, you don't notice them when you are riding and depending on the model you buy, you can pick how far down you want the chest plate to go. they are a lot cheaper (i bought a new set today for $45)and they also include biceps pads. if you are real cheap, you can even get used ones at "second hand sports " stores. just a suggestion, it works for me...mikey
  10. mikey888

    06 450 TE break in day

    Not to rain on your parade, but they're going back to osu colors, go buckeyes!!!! red and grey...
  11. mikey888

    VOR lives?

    friends: just got this week's cycle news and in the write-up of the last world supermoto race a vor was listed in the results. does this mean the factory and factory team is up and running again?? mikey
  12. mikey888

    Seen the new Aprilla Dirtbikes?

    they alreadu have. do a search on flattrack aprilia.
  13. mikey888

    Aprilia SXV and RXV 450-5550

    guys: while these bikes are new to production, they did win the euro-world supermoto 450 championship last year right out of the box, not ktm, honda , husky, tm. etc. also, while the company went through the typical italian financial difficulties, the bikes they make have been reliable unlike their friends whose name rhyms with cluck.....(i have several of these, so i can talk). anyway, i predict these bikes will be the real deal although the mags will probably give them no respect....mikey p.s.they were already light enough to win that championship against the supposedlly lighter single lungers...
  14. mikey888

    Sherco 2006 news...4.5i & 5.1i :

    gilk: thanks for the info. i'm still hot for a hussie though. hope to stop in the dealers in silt when i go by around the 27 of this month. black sunday(may5, 1982) was when exxon(sign of the double cross) and union oil pulled the plug on their multimillion dollar oil shale refining plants they were developing. i was a school principal and my school went from 475 kids to 175 in one summer... it went from a zoo to a ghostland overnight... mikey i got to fire 2 of every three teachers i had. i learned what real friends are......
  15. mikey888

    Sherco 2006 news...4.5i & 5.1i :

    ha! i lived in silt during the oi shale boom in the 80's, then moved to rifle and finally parachute. survived "black sunday" if you can remember that and moved back to the front range. i go by there all the time on the way to vegas where my son lives. darryl, ? is he a straight shooter? mikey