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    Favorite tracks So CAL

    There seems to be a lot of fellow SoCal riders in this forum. What are your favorite tracks? I I love Elsinore, but am burned out on it, need to get in to some different tracks. Also, Let's see some other track pics out of state! PS Elsinore is starting a pretty nice series next week. I think Realsports is putting it on
  2. Yamadog68

    I love my 450!

    I have an 04 , and out of the box with some /bars/triple clamp/air screw adjuster it is nearly perfect. I have enough time on it now to have the opinion, this is by far my favorite bike. I have rode almost every bike out over the last 3 years and this thing just rips! I see a lot of 426 posts on here, and liked that bike too, if it wasn't for the weight, but It is like night and day. I probably get an 06 when it comes out, but I can't see it getting much better. Just thought I'd share an opinion after an awesome riding day! Get it on an outdoor style track and it is the shizzznit!
  3. You might want to try the White Brothers E2, it quiets it down to @ least 96 w/ the spark arrester in. Not sure if it is in for the 03 though www.whitebrothers.com
  4. Yamadog68

    Need to find the loudest PIPE!

    I knew ther would be a nominal fee for your assistance. Took it upon myself to use the search function on the decel problem. Could be two or three things! As for moving, no way! SoCal is where it's at(just not for riding freely). I might just be naive(sP?) but I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. I am not sure why the Harleys slide by, must be streetbike bias. It's only a matter of time before that get blackballed here too though, it's a noise thing! By the way, I don't agree with it. I just know it's an undeniable fact!
  5. Yamadog68

    Need to find the loudest PIPE!

    E-dog - I forgot to add... since you will without a doubt reply to this in great length. Perhaps you can give me a tip on how to stop my 450 from popping on decel. It is a bad seal from header pipe to slip on WBE2 exhaust. Maybe some heat tape? Would that work?? You seem like you have some time on your hands, or a very fast typer. Can research this for me??? Thanks in advance
  6. Yamadog68

    Need to find the loudest PIPE!

    Is this debate for real? Can anyone honestly say that noise has nothing to do with the complaints riders are facing?? Maybe it's just that I live here in SoCAl the mecca(sp?) of motoX and people are more sensitive. I can tell you that noise is the biggest issue out here, this is not a debate, it's fact! Maybe in some of the more rural areas, it doesn't matter, that's cool. Here in populated areas to say that anything over 96db or anything close doesn't bother some of the uppity,no-life , non riders here in SoCal is as stupid as trying to make your bike sound like a jet plane. I wish I didn't have to drive an hour away every weekend just to go ride! Now more of our local tracks are getting noise complaints, soon there won't be anywhere to ride. Awesome huh???