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  1. zookeeper

    What is the deal with the blond bimbo?

    Actually I'd rather listen to Erin Bates than Ralph Sheheen any time. She's knowledgeable, informed and racer savvy. She knows track conditions, seems to interact well with the teams and reports it well.
  2. zookeeper

    Congratulations KTM and Dungy

    JS spends half his races on the ground. Are they ALL gifts or flukes? Dungey and the rest did just fine, no gifts were needed.
  3. Insanity has been described as doing the same thing and expecting different results. There should be a picture of James Stewart under that definition. He has always been blazingly fast, and has usually ended up taking himself (and often someone else) out, sometimes even for the season. How many times has he landed on another rider? How many times has he re-entered the track without looking after wadding it up? How many times do we need to see his charge through the pack after a bad start end up with the medical crew carting him off? I like JS and think his attitude and ability are a wonder to see, but he's not championship material from a consistency standpoint. Maybe next year...
  4. zookeeper

    Suspend Reed for a race

    That may have been the best SX race I've ever seen! I mean, what do some of you want? Another 15 second get-the-holeshot-and run-away-with-it snoozefest? Haven't we had enough of those in the last 10 years? Supercross has traditionally been the most boring racing there is for the past several years. It's just something to watch while waiting for the outdoor season to start. But now we have something to actually get into! I mean it doesn't matter how you saw it, now we all can't wait for the next race to see our guy whup the bad guy! I've had enough of those frigging "happy to get a top 10" races!
  5. zookeeper

    F250 advice needed

    I can't say the V10 is a right truck for everyone. If you tow a heavy trailer or for longer distances, or if you are the type of guy that can afford a new truck every few years, you may want to get a diesel. Not that the V10 won't do it, because it's not short on power by any means, but where a diesel truck may get 11 mpg towing, the V10 will get 7-8 mpg. Now I'm not gonna say that a 3-4 mpg difference is the end of the world, but most guys don't want to even think about it these days. For comparison's sake, our '97 Suburban got about 8.5 towing while the F250 gets 7.8 with the same trailer, so it's not a big deal. But the true difference is that the F250 crests the steeper hills at 60 mph, while the Suburban hit the top at 35-40 mph. It also gets slightly better mileage unloaded than the Suburban it replaced. My point is it's all relavent and dependant on what you expect out of a truck. I drive this one every day and need it to be trouble free and so far it has.
  6. zookeeper

    F250 advice needed

    I wanted to ressurect this old thread for a couple reasons: first to once again say thanks to everyone who responded, and second, to let you guys know I bought a truck last October. I ended up with an '04 Lariat crew cab 4x4. It had 76K miles when I bought it, a clean CarFax and was located in Utah. I flew back there, bought it and drove it about 1,000 miles home. It got as high as 16.4 mpg on the way home, but generally averaged closer to 15.4 mpg. It gets about 12.5 around town which is plenty good for me, considering it's a big truck. About a month after I got it, we took a trip to the dunes and it was awesome! I've never been able to just put the cruise on and crest big hills at whatever speed I felt like with the Suburban. Passing? No problem. Brakes? Oh, yeah, it'll stop. It's steady as a rock with ot without a load, and the trailer doesn't move it from to lane like with other trucks I've owned. It takes some getting used to since the motor likes the RPM's, but once you get it over 2,500 rpm's, it just WORKS. I towed a trailer loaded with about 12,000 lbs of gravel and it pulled so hard I couldn't help but giggle. It honestly feels every bit as stout as any diesel I've ever driven and gets better mileage (at least empty) than the new 6.4-powered Super Duty we have at work. It's also now at about 90K miles a so far been the picture of relaiblity. I paid a touch more than I wanted, but got a truck I am thrilled with. Anyway, I just wanted to give an honest opinion in case anyone else was considering a V10 Ford. If you don't expect Toyota mpg's, you'll love it. Here's a pic, although the shell will be removed soon.
  7. zookeeper

    450 vs 400

    I have an '05 YFZ 450 and my wife rides an '04 400EX, so I guess I'm qualified to make a decision. The 400 is a great bike for calm riding, but the power is a bit soft and for me, the riding postion is goofy. For some reason, it also feels heavier by a bunch, but I don't think it's actually any heavier, it just feels that way from the seat. I've never ridden a KFX or TRX, but if I had to choose between the EX and the YFZ, I wouldn't even think twice about it before choosing the YFZ for any type of riding.
  8. zookeeper

    Yfz 450 Not Getting FUEL / Too Lean HELP

    He's talking about the needle/seat for the float level. I also agree that sounds likely, since once you get the motor on top of the rpm range, it's starving for gas, not so much the ratio, but instead the amount. If the float is too low, or the needle is sticking closed (even sporadically) then the bowl won't ever be full enough to allow banzaii runs through the gears. Your white plug and super-rich jetting also suggest that it's not the fuel ratio, but rather the fuel amount. BMWDoc had a great idea as well, if the vent lines are plugged, the bowl level will be low or non-existant as well. I've had the float needle stick closed many times from not riding, so I strongly suggest you remove it, gently sand the aluminum edges smooth with some 400 grit sandpaper, then check to make very sure it's not hanging up in the bore. Inspect the condition of the Viton rubber tip of the needle, then blow the seat out with compressed air. Once you have the needle moving freely and the vent lines perfectly clear, check the float level. I turn the carb upside down, then check to see if the float is level with the bottom of the carb bowl mounting surface. Then GENTLY lift the float away from the springy needle and allow if to rest on the needle, checking for free movement the whole time. If all is well, re-install the 172 main/45 pilot and test ride. I really think that jetting setup will be fine for you. If it's not, then you likely have other carb or tuning problems. BTW, have you done a quick check of your valve clearances? Not much worse than rejetting the carb for weeks only to find out the valves needed attention...
  9. zookeeper

    06 yfz450 won't idle: jetting

    Sounds like you're pretty knowledgeable with carbs, tattoart, good luck.
  10. zookeeper

    gas pouring from carb drain tube help!

    I know if my YFZ sits for three weeks, I have to remove the carb and un-stick the float needle. This is aggravating for two reasons, first off, my CRF450R could sit for months and fire right up with no problem, and second, the YFZ's carb is a PITA to get to.
  11. zookeeper

    06 yfz450 won't idle: jetting

    Why is the fuel screw only one turn out? I know my bike would never idle that way. Turn it another 1 1/2 turns out ( 2 1/2 turns out total) and see what happens.
  12. zookeeper

    F250 advice needed

    Well to put a period on this, I waited too long. I had a commitment today, so I was supposed to drive/buy it Sunday. Unfortunately he sold it yesterday, and I was so bummed I didn't even ask what he got for it. But thanks to you guys, I have made up my mind to look for a similar year/model truck. I'm kinda partial to Fords anyway, having been burned by Chevys one too many times to own another, and I really couldn't find any flaws except mpg with the Ford V10, so that's what I'll look for. Thanks again to everyone both pro and con, I really do appreciate the advice.
  13. zookeeper

    F250 advice needed

    Not to bad-mouth your D-Max, but a couple of my Dad's freinds felt the same way. One had a bolt back out of the torque converter, which tried to squeeze in between the belhousing and converter, splitting the trans from end-to-end. His other buddy had his truck spend 4 out of the first 6 months of it's life in various GM dealerships. They were all unable to fix it (it was forever dropping one cylinder) and he eventually had to sue Chevy to take it back under the lemon law. He lost a ton of money on it and yet he bought another Chevy Duramax, which has been running fine ever since. I think all newer trucks are great, provided you use them as intended and don't expect Porsche 911 handling, Toyota Prius mileage and Peterbilt towing all in the same package.
  14. zookeeper

    F250 advice needed

    Thanks so much guys, this is exactly what I was hoping to hear. Here's the skinny as told by the current owner: he bought it new and it has only towed a small utility trailer and a tent trailer. When it was new, he put some Mossy Oak-style neoprene seat covers to protect the leather seats, so they look like brand new under the covers. In fact, the whole interior looks very, very clean, as does the whole truck. He;s never had any trouble at all with it, and it has been well maintained (according to him). It has a 4" Pro-Comp lift and Centerline Wheels, what appear to be about 33" tall BFG Tires with plenty of tread left. It has something on the trans (auto) made by B-V that he says helps the tranny out in towing applications. I have no idea what he's talking about. He also says it has a K&N fresh air intake and filter, and performance-wise it is a torque monster, but mileage is 13mpg empty, 8-9mpg towing. That sounds reasonable enough, and I 100% agree that a use diesel can cost big money in a big hurry. My Dad's last Dodge, an '01 , wasted both fuel pumps and the bill was $2400. It was under warrantee, which is good for him, but in reality, I'd be in trouble with a $2400 repair bill. His also went through starter,and it was about $300 for the starter alone, if I remember right. The lady he sold it to (he was the original owner and treated it well) had to spent $1000 to have an electrical gremlin fixed about 6 mos after buying it. This truck I'm looking at is $12000 obo, and when I talked to the guy, he stressed that he was a MOTIVATED seller. The most I would be willing to pay would be about $10,000, so I hope he's serious about being motivated. Thanks again everyone, I'll post some pics if I get it.
  15. zookeeper

    F250 advice needed

    Sure, I have seen lots of exaggerated MPG claims as well, and I'm not really out to split hairs, but for instance if it gets 14-ish in a truck then I can live with it. Apparently, the mileage figures are all over the board, as are hosepower figures. How can a truck get roughly the same mileage as a motorhome equipped with the same motor is beyond me. But a freind had a 460-equipped F350 and it got 10mpg, unloaded. I cannot live with that, no matter how much power it makes. I've also heard the V10's spit plugs out, but my thinking is that by 150,000 miles, any inherant problems like that should have surfaced by now. The guy I heard from in person that got 15mpg had no reason to lie, he wasn't selling the truck, and in fact he had bought a Dodge diesel a few years ago because it had more towing power, which I already know. I appreciate hearing from you since you have dealt with these motors on a day-to-day basis, and as such I respect your experience and hopefully if I buy this truck it'll be as good an engine as the majority says.