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  1. Yellow02rm250

    2006 DRZ400SM dyno results

    Whats your elevation?
  2. Yellow02rm250

    Advice on replacement tank

    Pm sent , send me your email so i can send pics Yes it can Imo yes it is
  3. Yellow02rm250

    Advice on replacement tank

    Sell your safari tank and buy my white clarke tank 3.9
  4. Yellow02rm250

    Yoshimura RS-2 Exhaust System

    Put the stock exhaust back on
  5. Yellow02rm250

    big bore install, cam chain guide issue

    well if you do take the side covers off you might aswell do the waterpump fix and locktite fix on that side (save you a gasket later on)
  6. Yellow02rm250

    big bore install, cam chain guide issue

    That chain guide goes in the notch (should go all the way down )
  7. Yellow02rm250

    Turn signals stopped working, need help

    Check connection and continuity
  8. Yellow02rm250

    Can't measure oil level, am I stupid or what?

    If you wanted to reuse the oil in it just drain everything (see oil change procedures) and put 2 quarts
  9. Both exhaust is the same shape and performance wise ,difference is one is carbon fiber for looks and one is aluminum can. Both will come with quiet insert Imho yosh is the best exhaust for drz quality,craftsmanship and performance **** For Sale Items Removed - TT Moderation Staff ***************
  10. Yellow02rm250

    lowest idle setting

    I run mine @ 1550-1600 rpm
  11. Yellow02rm250

    Help with Valve Clearance/Adjustment

    Both cams are @ tdc , its all good ,
  12. Yellow02rm250

    Big Aluminum Chunk Broke Gear + Siezed Shift

  13. Yellow02rm250

    Back brake locking

    You need to rebuild your rear master
  14. Yellow02rm250

    Output shaft nut

    Samething happen on my friends bikelast weekend while riding hard on the twisties , thank god he didnt get hurt
  15. Yellow02rm250

    My DRZ Won't Shift Into 1st! Help!

    Lol i did that once , and its hitting the front sprocket cover/bracket , readjust your shifter (down one tooth) and try again