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  1. Well,got bike running, again. Was getting ready to pull carb and had a thought..Gas cap vent?? Pulled the gas cap off and it started right up, hell ya. Never had that happen before. Thanks for your help guys. Was just wondering if Eddie is still active with answering post? I have not been here in a long time,Eddie has helped me with my bike many times,along with many of you. Thanks TT community
  2. fuel is getting to the carb.
  3. Ok, so I started my bike the other day as I do every week. Bike warmed up and was idling just fine, I bleeped the throttle and it died, so I hit the start button again and it started momentarily and died after that it would not start and all. So I pulled the spark plug and replaced it,check for spark and it has good spark. Tried to start it again and nothing. When I pulled the spark plug there were no signs of fuel so I dont believe I flooded it the first time. I have never had this problem with my bike as I start it every week and rode it 1 month ago. Thanks for any help. My bike is an 03 DRZ 400 E non California. stock
  4. Funny thing with that leak is, it is not leaking anymore,what the hell. A day later I went out to start again to see if I could find the leak and it has not leaked since. But I am going to order some orings anyways and take this oppurtunity to change my pilot jet. Thanks for your help all.
  5. CRF 250X will be good,of WR 250, both are good bikes to learn on,and lighter than a 400
  6. Went out and started bike today and noticed fuel leaking from carb. Its hard to tell exactly where its coming from. It started after I turned fuel petcock on,fuel appears to be coming from slightly above float bowl. When I shut off petcock it slows down,and when I turn gas back on the leak gets worse. There is no fuel coming from any vent/overflow hoses. I took bike off kickstand and started it with petcock on and leak was barely noticable,not as bad as when its on kickstand. I had no problems last ride. Bike starts and runs as it normally has,if I didnt notice the wet spot on floor I wouldnt have known there was A leak. Just need to know where to look,and what orings/seals I should order. Bike is a DRZ 400 E with FCR Carb.
  7. Try Silkolene pro4 offroad,Ive used this in my DRZ 400 for years and no more slippage. You should never use oils that are made for cars or or trucks. they are made just for that type of application. As with oils made for dirtbikes are specifically made for them. 4 strokes are high performance motors,you should treat them that way.
  8. tonyv

    correct part # for my bikes ACCT.

    I here you guys with the MCCT,and was going to get one,but how often do you need to adjust it? I have been here on Thumpertalk for 6 years and no one could say that the 03 models have had any problems,being that Suz changed it from the ones that had had problems 2000-2002 models.
  9. I am in need of the correct part number for the ACCT for my bike,as the parts store shows a couple. I have the 03 drz 400E dirt. I have about 1200 dirt only miles on it and want to replace the cam tentioner to avoid any problems. I have changed the spring once before,but now I think it would be a good idea to change the tentioner before next ride. As I have had no problems with it yet...I think it has been on bike long enough. Preventive maint. Thanks for help in advance.
  10. tonyv

    Ticking noise - '09 DR-Z 400SM

    I have owned my Z for 6 years now and have 1000 and some change dirt only miles on it, It has been a little noisy the whole time...except when I ran 20-50 weight,then i was alot louder..I now only run Silkelene 10-40 and change it every 4 rides about 150 miles. I also still have the original ACCT and change the spring in it every year, I have had to adjust valves once and that was to get it to the outer spec,check once a season, These motors are known to be a little noisy. As long as the noise doesnt get louder or change to a grind or bang I think you should be good to go. 2003 KLx 400 R
  11. I am having problems getting fork caps off. This my first time doing fork oil change and caps have never been off. I have stripped the hex already and resorting to vise grips...these dam things are soft. does anyone know if these are left handed threads? these caps are extremly tight torque calls for 17 ft lbs these are way over that. Any help would be good..thanks
  12. tonyv

    Advice on follow up Service?

    yea you should have changed your oil at least 2 times by now, I changed my oil twice during break in, After that about every 150 dirt miles ( I only ride Dirt) I use silkilene pro 4 10-40 now. With your oil change interval you may have done more damage than the dealer. (break in oil change is a must). I am not sure what the intervals are on street bikes 1000-3000 ? I wouldnt worry about o-ring at this point.
  13. tonyv

    Cleaning an air filter

    I have tried all methods, and have found using PJ-1 the easiest for me. Spray pj-1 filter cleaner wait 15 minutes rinse with water,ring out water let filter dry,(usually let sit for a couple days) spray pj-1 super tacky oil squeeze out extra oil.
  14. must change stock handle bars though, I went the protaper SE cr-high, better for standing at my height
  15. I have 800 dirt miles only on my Green E, 1 valve adjustment at 200, all armored and uncorked,running Donlup 756, Excellent bike in woods, with my weight..5-7 170 lbs suspention is very good..man I love this bike. I got to go ride now.