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  1. yehhhh i tried the pemdas..i still screw that crap up. i'll try again tomarrow or when I get back to work..for now I need to shoot people on call of duty 😛 need to diffuse my day 😛 i'm not giving up..i enjoy this stuff i'mbetter at trig though 😛 idk why...or maybe basic trig
  2. oh good lort. am I dividing the whole equation by 30? so another words L= nvm that good lort..i'm an idiot.....forget what i just said .. actually...i'm lost 😛 i may have to have one of the guys show me 😛 hahaha
  3. a number i arrived to is 11.99...ain't got a clue what it's for 😛 i believe it's terribly wrong and....hmmm back to the drawing board.
  4. hmmmm i think i did it wrong....actually i'm pretty positive. I'm confused. what is my end game? and am I missing anything? lol i'm missing a brain but i'm not talkingabout that 😛
  5. m   L

    TT App in iOS

    When trying to renew team I hit purchase, and agree to terms and then it sends me to And that’s straight from the app as well as using a browser 🤬🤬🤬 tried it 4-5 times
  6. It’s definitely the smarter of the two money wise. And yamaha isn’t a bad brand. I’ll see what I can find.
  7. Well duh. You also said, “logical from 250f to 125” as if that’s crazy....
  8. Lol it just feels like buying a car. And yes it’s very logical. Why wouldn’t it be? Now he very careful because you are starting to assume things
  9. Very good point. I definitely don’t need a brand new one. I also don’t need to race either, just something I really want to do. Maybe I’ll take the summer off again, fix the house and work my butt of to save. Then at the end of the season when everyone is looking to sell, I’ll hit it then. -gdamn women can’t make up their minds so they gotta ask for input- [emoji849]
  10. Just to pick it a part a tad, 7949 is 8000 not 9000.... #justsayin #getyourfactsright
  11. Yz would be smarter money wise for the initial gut punch. But from what I read and hear, the huskies just stay together better if that makes sense. F it. Y’all derail the thread if you want. I’ll just wait till I hit the lottery or finally get back into making some cash [emoji13]
  12. I ain’t scared. Hence why I posted here. Y’alls trolling isn’t anything I haven’t seen...
  13. I'm 5'2". I want to get into MX and I am unable to do so with the WR250f I currently own. The thing is just too heavy and the suspension is not for MX. Trust me and don't bother advising me on how to make it an mx bike - not going to happen. My mind is definitely set on buying a 125. Just a matter of when however, I'd really love to race this year but a new TC125 would be 7949 out the door which is like buying a damn car. I've ridden a husky 125 and have loved it! Geometrically if felt great and it just has a very linear feel to power. First time riding it I almost cleared the finish line jump at Reynards and I'm not a crazy jump person, I just do what feels good. Anway. I need pros and cons. I understand that a yz would be easier to come across parts since within the past few years not much has changed. I just enjoy the suspension of the husky, I can actually get a foot down if need be, feels well put together Obviously I'm leaning more toward the husky. I think the thing keeping me back from any of this is money. Should I even make this topic?! Hell, idk yall can have fun as I know you will..I'm totally opening a can of worms here on TT "general dirtbike" LETS HEAR IT MEN! and women because I know you're out there If there's advice on how to handle getting a new bike and like what route to take..that's welcomed...I went to AJAX to see what I could muster up...I'd probably have a payment around 165 for 5 years..if I were to get the husky..165 is too much..I'm even to the point of a gofundme..I'm pathetic but F it..I want to have fun too... oh god...why did i just do this to myself....instant regret.
  14. m   L

    Mobile App, No Notifications

    might be because slowness is to be expected since the site is still being worked on...I'm sure it'll speed up once the updates are all through...
  15. m   L

    Mobile App, No Notifications

    thanks for the udpate i'm not worried