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  1. condog_aus

    temp siezure 08 Yamaha WR250f?

    So worked it out and just posting incase anyone else has similar issue The tight feeling was the timing chain tensioner As i was inserting it , it must have popped out ans thus was way to tight and fully extended , after fixing that, I put it back together and its running perfect.
  2. condog_aus

    temp siezure 08 Yamaha WR250f?

    any ideas???
  3. condog_aus

    temp siezure 08 Yamaha WR250f?

    Been away again...but finally got it all back together today... Problem is it feels tighter than usual and when i press the starter it screams rather than turns the engine... Im wondinering a few possibilities and after suggestions before i hit the tools again... Im pretty sure i got the rings in correctly, but perhaps not,,, im also certain i have the timing right...thats an easy check... not it feels tighter than usual the whole way through the cycle the crank was pressed together by the yamaha shop and felt good , though the tiniest bit firmer than i expected when i turned it by hand... but not enough to be this firm... suggestions welcome
  4. condog_aus

    temp siezure 08 Yamaha WR250f?

    That is it for sure...thanks heaps!!
  5. condog_aus

    temp siezure 08 Yamaha WR250f?

    Ok so got crank out and its 100% a siezed bottom bearing... Strangely its rather free, then locks up... One or a few of the roller bearings must be jamming, broken or collapsed... Thanks for help.. Now to get a press or get it presed by shop for the replacemnt pS does anyone know where that solo 10 mm bearing in the impellar side of case came from...
  6. condog_aus

    temp siezure 08 Yamaha WR250f?

    Cant put it back together as havent found reason for seizure... The kick starter was locked solid initially... And twice while idling it it stopped unusually fast at a high idle....once slightly warm... Bike shop reckoned by symptoms described its a bottom end bearing... ?? I have already ordered and paid for a gasket kit and rod kit from usa so will split it and take a look... I havent checked the bearing free play yet..
  7. Hi guys jsut a quick question... I have removed both sides of the engine , clutch etc, but have not yet removed the flywheel or split the case... I have stumbled upon a single approx 10mm ball bearing that was on the bench and i didnt see it come out... Anyone know where its from... note both the oil pipe bearings seem to still be in location ???
  8. condog_aus

    temp siezure 08 Yamaha WR250f?

    Hi guys , i pulled the side off and looked at bottome end throught the gap... Saw purple colouration on the crank right at the bearing .....so im assuming its horendously cooked.. I decided to remove engine, pulled top off, looks good....bottom end bearing is very purple ....so doing a bottom end.. And rings...
  9. Ok so im away on holidays son rings and says he siezed his bike in 40c heat... his mates dad a qualified mechanic comfirms its a siezure... I get back pick bike up... kickstarter wont budge. Electric start wont budge... Put it in neutal, all roles well... Put it in gear its all locked up Pull off side cover and turn crank with a spanner... At first its kind of firm, but quickly losens, then feels totally normal... I replace fluids and give it a gentle kick...all feels good... I remove ignition plug and turn over on electic starter...all feels and sounds good... I give it a start and it starts first go... I give it a few gentle idles and promptly stop it all seems good... There was absolutely zero metal particals in the oil we drained... So my question is this... Whats your thoughts...what happened and is it likely to fully siezure Should we just rebuild top end... Or run it and see what happens.. Anyone got any idea what happened,mhow to tell what happened or if its going to implode... It could have been a starter gear siezure, but we couldnt find any evidence...form what i can see with side casings, bore and bottom end look fine... But i have no idea if ring or piston is damaged.. Should i do a leak test?
  10. condog_aus

    WR valving in a 2015 yz 450

    I have the 2015 wr450 and its suspension is HORRIBLE after previous YZ450f 08, 2013 kx450f, wr250f 03, wr450f 06 Way too soft, way too spongy...i've played with it and if your a half decent rider who likes to hit stuff hard...then its going to be horrendous... For trail only with no jumps at limited speeds its perfect just my 2c worth
  11. condog_aus

    How to yz my wr

    Hi guys so its been a lot of years since i have owned a wr , i have owned yz 450 and kx450 for last x many years. ... Due to needing a road registerable model i have been forced to 2015 WR... So due to super aggressive riding style im just finding it pretty ordinary and want advice on setting it up... Suspension is way too soft...i weight 160 or less...is this within range of stock wr springs Also the cams re yz v wr, is there still a huge difference, because it sure feels gutless compared to my yz and kx... AnyOne changed them out ?.? Gearing also seems way too low in 1st. Thoughts ta. Many thanks...sorry id normally research this myself but work is gruelling at present.
  12. condog_aus

    Larger grips help w/armpump?

    Theres a mob called "Oury" that make the fatest MTB grips on the market. They also make moto grips I did a google and found this but im sure there are heaps of others. http://www.coyotemotorsports.com/eshopprod_cat_2045-15957_product_199639.OURY_GRIPS_quotTHE_ORIGINAL.htm
  13. I get hurt more racing mx than on the trail. I usually ride safer when im 3 hours from civilisation and havent got 40 guys behind me gunning to get past. The ground is definitely softer on the mx track when i do fall, but its usually at speed or crossed up on a big jump. I find there is sometimes lees trees and logs across the mx track that jump out and tackle my foot peg or hide in grass though. And far fewer kangaroos and goannas on the Aussie mx tracks than in the bush. "They hurt" and they are surely one of the least intelligent animals on earth with a magnetic attraction towards roads and vehicles.
  14. condog_aus

    how to improve drasticlly?

    Practice = improvement...................................
  15. In Australia A is the top guns for each club and the place getters from last season. B is the placegetters from C last year and a few ambitiuos ex-juniors plus those that are scared of the kamakazi starters in C grade. C grade is beginners, old blokes, blokes getting back into it after a break and a few wiser ex-juniors. In many cases C grade is faster and more competitive then B grade and nearly always has a full field of 40 starters. In our club if you cant match it with the A graders the next best option for great competition is C grade. As A and B start together. So as a B grader you tend to be racing for 10th downwards and in the dust trail. Where as if you go in C grade your racing for places and have a clear track.