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  1. jamesp

    Reed (do not read unless already watch SX rnd. 2

    LOL So if I am passing you on the interstate and whip over before I got fully past your car, causing your front bumper to hit my rear fender behind the wheel...whose fault is it? I am pretty sure I wouldn't be able to cut under you like Stewart did, but close enough.
  2. jamesp

    Stewart and Windham?

    I would bet top ten in SX pays about as much as 2nd or 3rd outdoors. I don't think Windham has any championships in him at this point.
  3. jamesp

    Stewart and Windham?

    2003 1 RC 2 KW This year was all RC and KW, Reed was a non-issue 2004 1 RC 550 2 CR 432 3 KW 426 Through Steel City, cant get the AMA archive to open for GH this year. Reed has far more 2nds than KW. I didn't add the points but Reed gains several more from last race at GH. 2005 1 RC 594 2 KW 485 8 CR 258 KW had more 2nds than Reed and a win this year. Reed ended his season early 2006 1 RC 539 2 KW 407 6 CR 333 Reed got the better of KW more this season (not dramatically) but another early exit. 2007 Reed only raced Budds Creek 2008 No Reed No Windham I was a bit surprised...I didnt remember Reed's outdoor showing being this poor. Pretty definite that JBS is the only guy that could come in at this point and take the title provided Reed continues as is and makes it all 12 races...his history would create some doubt as to whether that will happen. I would agree that KW would probably be even with Reed at best if he ran the whole season.
  4. jamesp

    was lawrence black flagged

    This forum is serious business for some
  5. jamesp


    Makes you wonder why he wouldn't fix that ACL during one of his other periods off the bike as opposed to risking...I dunno...his first 450 outdoors championship.
  6. jamesp

    Forget Stewart, Villopoto is the next big thing

    "ridiculous" adj: worthy of ridicule
  7. Do you "rough up" those two areas to encourage the formation of dense scar tissue or does it happen naturally through abrasion/contact/friction? This is the part of the repair that I have never understood.Thanks Also, is it typical for say NC Blue Cross to pay for surgery in Houston? I have had a 3rd degree for about 5 years that I am tempted to fix.
  8. jamesp

    07 cr250

    Keihins need to be jetted too. I'd love to have half the money that has been wasted on Keihin carbs since 2001.
  9. jamesp

    Reed's start

    JBS has a tendency to crash, even he knows it, and that is why he didn't race like any other weekend.
  10. jamesp

    Larry Brooks needs to be banned!

    No, Brooks has better things to do.
  11. jamesp


    Doubt he can do it. RC may be the final GOAT.
  12. jamesp


    I probably have enough thumbs to count the "many others."
  13. jamesp


    Agreed. In addition proving he can go faster, I think Stewart is proving he is mentally tougher than Reed. Chad will probably need a new Strategy in 2010.
  14. jamesp


    I am not going to bother pulling embedded responses out of the quote. All of that has been addressed anyhow. I will say that you are probably right that the gap right after they hit was minimal...because right before they hit Reed was right on JBS's rear wheel...so not sure what the point is. Will give you extra points for pointing out the obvious
  15. jamesp


    I was thinking along the lines of pot and kettle...but I see what you are saying. Maybe his 12 year old has a good one too.