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  1. TerribleTed

    greasing upper shock mount

    So, how is the upper shock mount bushing removed? Is it pressed in place or can it be tapped in and out?
  2. TerribleTed

    Need to borrow front DOT tire MD/DC/VA

    Buy one of the Kenda 760 TrakMaster tires. Inexpensive, reasonably good performance and DOT approved.
  3. TerribleTed

    Unabiker Rad Guards - Anyone using them ?

    I also use them without the white fins on my X and have never experienced an overheat condition. So far, they have proven stronger than the trees that my bike has been attracted to. Good product.
  4. TerribleTed

    Rear Axle Nut

    Happened to mine too. What a brute to get off!!!!!! Glad it didn't happened away from home. Ended up replacing the axle, locknut and one axle block. I grease my threads now and have not had it recur.
  5. TerribleTed

    changing oil in crf250

    Here's a link to manual http://www.g2-innovations.com/gentech/manuals/CRF250XManual.pdf
  6. TerribleTed

    Best handguard for CRF250X?

    I like the idea of having a handguard frame that bends down below the handlebar. I think it would reduce the possibility of getting a hand caught and breaking a wrist after getting spit off the bike sideways. The only ones I know of with this shape are the Cycra and the new Acerbis Multi-Pro.
  7. TerribleTed

    CRF250X hard shifting

    Never paid much attention to boot soles, but you're right. Just had a look at the sole on my Gaerne's and they curve up in the front portion too.
  8. TerribleTed

    CRF250X hard shifting

    I've always found the shifting on my X a little difficult mostly because of the peg / shifter positioning. In the original position, I found the shifter too low for my size 12 foot because my toe was pointing too low and susceptible to snagging a rock or root. I also found that when I stood or slid back on the seat, I would up shift it. I then moved it up two splines on the shaft. Now it got hard to up shift because the position on the shift shaft meant that the shifter tip had to move both up and back in an arc during a shift. I finally settled on one spline up from original which was is OK but I think the best solution would be a longer shifter, offset shifter tip or a lower footpeg.
  9. TerribleTed

    unabiker rad. guard problem

    On my X, the left guard just grazes the tank. There is enough clearance to slip a piece of paper but that's it.
  10. TerribleTed

    CRF.....a money trap?

    Any time you try to figure out what it cost for the size of the grin on your face, it's not fun any more.
  11. TerribleTed

    Keeping Up with the Boys

    Have you considered trickery and cheating?
  12. TerribleTed

    Trials Tire "Rimlock"

    Years ago, in preparation for qualifiers and six days competition, we hammered the inside of the rim with a large chisel where the sidewall of the tire contacted the rim. This left ridges all along the inner surface of the rim and spaced about half inch intervals prevented the tire from slipping. The whole idea was to eliminate the rim lock to allow quick tire changes and worked very well. If you find the tire still moving with a rim lock, a few whacks with hammer and chisel in addition to the rim lock may do the trick.
  13. TerribleTed

    CRF250r Service Question/Valve Check

    There are feeler gauges available where the tip is angled about 45 degrees. If you're using a straight feeler gauge, take a pair of pliers and put a bend in the blade. As for the reading of .010 inches, that's within spec.
  14. TerribleTed

    valve adjusted every 20hrs

    Could have meant to CHECK them every 20 hours? That's prudent particularly if you're racing it but I doubt that few owners check that often. It's not a tough job to do this though. I'd put it on a par with changing the oil and oil filter or changing a tire as to the amount of labor required. Time wise, it takes me longer to wash my bike than it does to check the valves.
  15. TerribleTed

    How would you add a small amount of fork oil?

    Honda163 is right. Just do it. If you haven't already done so, the Honda manual suggests changing the oil after a short break-in. The caps aren't on that tight and the vise method, although crude, will work. Better yet, go to the TT Store at the top of this page and buy a ProMotion cap wrench. $18 I think it is.