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  1. joethumper

    Honda XR200R (2002)

    since the reset i lost my bike pic......ill take some in about 3 months when its all put back together again.....
  2. joethumper

    Any bolt on longer kick stands?

    nice looking xr200.....i have the same mods with the front end and was thinking of cutting the kickstand at the half-way point and shoving a piece of rebar into both cut-off ends and welding them up to the desired length......but im not using the kickstand i just lean it on stuff i had no problem with the rear-end being lower with the longer forks.....kind of made the bike at the angle i like.....
  3. joethumper

    making the rear suspension stiffer xr200r

    i made my shock stiffer by putting rubber spacers between the spring...... i have a 1988 rear shock with compression and rebound adjustment and just rebuilt......300.00 plus shipping i bought a hagon shock for it.....and its ok too
  4. joethumper

    Where is powroll?

    hey guys been a while.....id like to talk to terry about my xr motor mods.....thinking about going to the 218cc mode....it says he doesn't take messages anymore...id like his web address if anyone has it joe
  5. joethumper

    XR200/R photos

    Sooooooo........i finally rode it yesterday.......im going to keep it stock it rode great but not much better than stock.....so not worth the effort in my eyes
  6. joethumper

    XR200/R photos

    i just googled it.......and im not telling you what i found......lol
  7. joethumper

    XR200/R photos

    oh and one more thing to add......i may shorten the shift lever a tad which should be a piece of cake if it feels too too far away......as for the rear brake pedal i always wanted it further away and was planning to lengthen it until i came up with this footpeg idea have a great day man!!!!!!!!!!
  8. joethumper

    XR200/R photos

    thanks for the interest.....im size 11 and the shifter is further away but not too much where it feels out of reach.......it may require a new technique to rear brake and shift it but im good with that cuz i always felt those levers were too close anyway for my tastes...... i will post pics when its all done...... for me it feels awesome, others might think its too drastic but everyones body shape is different and this compliments my shape perfectly.....i wish i did, knew this 32 years ago when i was younger on a cr125.....im 58 now and its kewl cuz now i got the magic formula ive been chasing all these years i think.....never felt this comfortable on a dirt bike.....cant wait for the weather to break.....i got 3 months to do this....then all hell is going to break loose !!
  9. joethumper

    XR200/R photos

    here are those chinese knock-off handlebar risers.....you can swivel these back or forth......made from cheap white metal......not sure i trust them if i plan on riding hard....
  10. joethumper

    XR200/R photos

    heres the make-shift foot pegs i made before i weld me up new mounts.....its just a piece of re-bar from home depot all ready cut to this size and some hose clamps.....try it.....you might like the difference in postion than stock.....i know i like it......cant wait to get it done and go riding......when the snow melts of course.....
  11. joethumper

    XR 200 rear shock?

    im no engineer so dont blame me if it blows up.......these where just suggestions on my part......
  12. joethumper

    XR 200 rear shock?

    so you took apart a stock xr200 rear shock......first i would of only did the schrader valve thing first and see what that does for performance....... to put a new seal you need to take the shaft out of the shock body first, so cut the top off where you put the shrader valve hole not the bottom......un-screw the nut on top of the shaft if it has a nut, i dont know it might be welded so you may have to grind it off and pull out the shaft from the body making sure to keep all the valving and old seal all together in order......im assuming you welded the bottom back on right? so now put the shaft back in from the bottom and add the new seal and valving then put the nut back on the shaft or re-weld it and pull the shaft all the way down so fully extended......now you can weld the top back on with no fear of melting anything......after the top is welded fill it with oil to the hole with the shaft still fully extended then put on the schrader valve ......put your nitrogen in, id try like 35 pounds first, you dont have a bladder so it might not need so much pressure, and put it all back together with the spring and stuff....good luck?
  13. joethumper

    XR200/R photos

    rims look nice.....whole bike looks kewl.........how does it ride now compared to the stock setup?......now you should have more options with that 18" rear tire......that stock rear shock sucked for me but it was a good workout keeping the rear-end as stable as one can get it to be......man once i get the pegs relocated these machines will be a blast to ride.....ill take a pic tmr and post of the temporary setup i have for the pegs.....today i had to snowblow 12 inches of heavy snow and im beat.....i need to get a tractor
  14. joethumper

    Arms being pulled off

    i did or about to do the same ( moving the pegs down and back ) with my bike and it feels so good.....better than stock position......i rigged up a piece of re-bar under my frame temporarily with hose clamps as my new foot peg position.......day and night.....can squeeze so easily and i feel i could stand all day with no effort.....man before that i felt like i was ripping off my arms at the shoulders and i was squeezing the grips so hard it hurt.....cant wait till the pegs are welded on.....watch supercross and you will see where the riders feet are.....they look like where hhey and me are talking about
  15. joethumper

    XR200/R photos

    heres a pic of last summer just after i did the seat over to blue.....it has 1990 honda cr bars i had on my 1986 cr125 back in the day ( yeah i saved them, only part i saved before i sold it in '91 or so, and i cut the crossbar off ) and the 1988 rear shock and linkage on it too.... it also has the double handlebar risers like the one i sent you, now it has the roxy knock-off chinese white metal junkers on it.....oh and that 2001 xr400 front fender on 1984 front-end from an xr350 i was looking at crf230 pics and the foot pegs are almost where im going to put mine.....so someone in the design dept figured out my secret.....lol