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  1. Clean the carb, check that the carb boots aren't cracked or damaged enough to let air in and make sure your reeds are sealing well to the cylinder and that the petals aren't worn out. And by clean the carb i dont just mean spray out the jets i mean pull the choke knob out, idle screw, air screw and so on just leave the TPS alone for now.
  2. 2 strokes on the road are a bad idea man, i got a 500exc motard and love every second of it!
  3. So i seems to me i need to get some porting done and a full exhaust system. What reeds would you recommend as i currently only have the stock reeds.
  4. I'm looking to build a stupidly powerful RM250 reliability is going to be nearly non existent but as i don't ride this bike much it doesn't bother me heaps, i just really want something that's gonna have massive amounts of power and leave me with a bigger smile than what it already does. Any ideas or input will be greatly valued, only reason im doing this is because im tearing down the motor to completely rebuild it and im going to do the works while its apart. I don't really want to bore it out too much i think my max would be like 265/270 so it just has a little bit more than standard because if i do end up riding it a bit more finding pistons could be a nightmare. Anyway ill keep you updated as it i get started on the build.
  5. Pictures and some info from Suzuki Australia of the new 2017 RMZ-250 After being completely overhauled for MY16, the RM-Z250 retains its phenomenal 249cc DOHC engine; best known for its stellar mid-range power and over-rev. The highly praised KYB PSF2 front forks and shock also return for 2017 offering infinite tuning adjustability and an overall confidence inspiring feel.
  6. Pictures and some info from Suzuki Australia of the new 2017 RMZ-450s The 2017 RM-Z range leads the charge to the top step of the podium with their advanced factory inspired engines, suspension and electronics packages. The 449cc DOHC powerplant packs the perfect combination of broad useable torque and arm-stretching horsepower for the modern racer. Through feedback from the factory race teams, the piston, piston pin and connecting-rod have been developed with the use of Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis, the piston pin is also Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) coated for less friction and increased durability. The 49mm Showa SFF-Air TAC fork that was once a factory-only option is now available to RM-Z450 riders. It consists of 3 air chambers that can be easily adjusted by using a hand-held air pump to quickly optimise the bike to the conditions, just like setting tyre pressures.
  7. Keep a clean air filter, fresh fuel and oil in it and it will last for a long time
  8. every 6 months to a year depends on where im riding and how dusty it is
  9. 587 because it was in the spare plastics bin in my friends workshop
  10. My RM250 with a FMF Ti 2 when the idle is down low best sound on the planet
  11. Dont like to use fuel if it sits more for than 3 weeks once it sits for that longs its air filter cleaner. Plus when i need 20 litres of fuel for the bike and to fill up 1 jerry can at $20 for 98 octane doesn't bother me
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