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  1. CNCmachining

    2000 XR80r small problems?

    I'm not sure I should reply, since you shin kicked me when it came time for a recommendation....but it completely depends on what you are doing with the bike and where you are doing it. To me, while you can ride the 80, it is small for you. I am not a big guy (5'9" and 150lbs) and not only do I own an 80 (crf80f that my son will eventually ride), I also recently bought a 1996 xr200r. I have my own property that I will primarily ride on but I may also travel to do some trail riding. The 200 is a huge difference over the 80, but I am not planning on spending time in the air. If you are, then you need to plan on a bike that has suspension designed for it. My 200 sits tall for my size because the previous owner was very tall and he had the rear suspension jacked all the way up. I left it there and I can barely get flat footed when stopped, but I like the stance. Bikes are a very personal choice. Again, good luck.
  2. CNCmachining

    2000 XR80r small problems?

    Let me first state that I am no GURU in this field. If you could post a pic of the front sprocket (with the chain off) it would be easier to diagnose, but my gut is your chain is shot. The clicking you are hearing is probably a combination of chain elongation due to pin and bushing wear and sprocket sharpening. The rear sprocket (on the bikes that I have owned) last longer unless it is made of a softer material. However, I have always been the type that wanted all parts of a system to be changed at the same time. If I am replacing the chain then I am replacing 2 sprockets as well. I also believe that you get what you pay for in these components. I use D.I.D. chain and either Honda or a respected US manufacturer for sprockets. The flat spot during acceleration could be several things. Is it a brand new symptom? Did you check the spark plug gap on the new plug? That little carb is very easy to tune. There is only idle speed and air/fuel ratio. Your plug would let you know a lot about your air/fuel ratio. If it has had this flat spot the entire time you have owned it, then it is possible that the main jet is the wrong size for your altitude. The good news is they are very easy to tinker with. Good luck.
  3. CNCmachining

    I am about to buy a XR200R...WHAT SHOULD I LOOK OUT FOR?

    I posted a photo of it in my garage if anyone is curious.
  4. CNCmachining

    Honda XR200R 1996

    Just purchased it but it has all of the features that were important to me. Reliable and easy to maintain.
  5. CNCmachining

    Honda XR200R (1996)


    Just purchased it but it has all of the features that were important to me. Reliable and easy to maintain.
  6. CNCmachining

    I am about to buy a XR200R...WHAT SHOULD I LOOK OUT FOR?

    I am glad to hear so many responses geared towards reliability. I did go ahead and buy it. The kick start engaged perfectly, the bike started in one kick with the engine cold to the touch and no choke, and all gears changed smoothly, The guy who owned it bought it from the original owner and was just too tall for it (6'5"). It looked like a toy under him... kinda like my sons 80 looks like under me. He was selling it to buy another bike. The bike appears to be all original and in good shape. The only two things that need attention are the rear tire (a little dry-cracked) and the fork seals. They were dry at the PO's house and have not leaked since getting home but the ride home (forks pulled tight with straps) caused the left front to trickle a little oil. A rear tire and new fork seals are due. Other than that, it is $750 well spent. The bike is a 1996. It looks all original...no mods...and mechanically sound. No smoke, knocks or rust. I am happy with the purchase. I appreciate the feedback and intend to come back as the questions arise.
  7. CNCmachining

    I am about to buy a XR200R...WHAT SHOULD I LOOK OUT FOR?

    As far as suspension... I don't care about doubles any more. I'm 40 now and just don't have the guts I used to have. I want a dependable trail bike. I just recently bought a 2004 CRF80F that will be my son's when he grows a little taller and I was hoping that a late 90's XR200R would be essentially the same kind of bike, albeit a little larger and a little stronger. I just happened to have ran across a good deal on a clean bike.
  8. CNCmachining

    I am about to buy a XR200R...WHAT SHOULD I LOOK OUT FOR?

    Thanks. This bike is still original, very clean. No mods done. To my knowledge every bike has a thing or two that did not materialize the way the engineers intended (thin overdrive gears on early ktm's, etc). If there was something specific to the breed that I needed to make sure had not happened yet, that is what I am hoping to learn. Occasionally, buying a used bike is buying another man's problems. I am hoping that this is not the case.
  9. I am about to pull the trigger on a late 90's XR200R. I will be riding it this weekend (test) and will only be doing mild trail riding when I bring it home. Give me some idea of what to look for on these bikes and what to expect. Thanks.
  10. CNCmachining


    Gotcha. Thanks for the reply. I was considering making the bike street legal and would obviously need a way to generate 12V for a lighting system. That is of course if I was against a battery operated lighting system.
  11. Easy question. As recently posted, I just purchsed a 2004 CRF80F. I have been out of this scene for....25 years at least. I just ran across a rediculous deal on this bike and pulled the trigger. I need a few things, all simple, and while looking through the schematics in the parts section of this sight...I see a generator breakdown. Since this bike is a "dirt" bike with no lights of any description, it confuses me to see this in the part schematics. Were generotors standard on them in the US, or is this a remnant from some Asian version on the schematic lists on this sight? The reason I am curious is that I considered making it a street/trail bike and it would make it exponentially easier if the bike had the ability to generate 12+V. Thanks.
  12. CNCmachining

    CRF80F Carb Hose Help

    Finally! Thanks. I may have predicted vent if mine had shown up with the 90 on the right end. Really...thanks.
  13. CNCmachining

    CRF80F Carb Hose Help

    I guess I will just keep answering my own question in hopes that is will pop up on a Google search if someone asks this question in the future. It is a vent. The bottom line is the drain. The supply barb is the fitting on the right if you are looking straight at the carb. The hose (or barb) on the right is a vent. Mine had the hose installed backwards from the factory; the 90 degree bend was on the end rather than at the carb.
  14. CNCmachining

    CRF80F Carb Hose Help

    Nevermind. Must be another drain/bypass line. Bike runs perfect.
  15. CNCmachining

    CRF80F Carb Hose Help

    New to this site, first forum post. I just purchased a 2004 crf80f. The PO monkeyed with the carb and it idled like crap, but ran great. After looking at the carb, I just decided to buy a new Honda carb (not aftermarket). Most of it is common sense, but the PO had obviously removed some of the lines because the new carb has lines on it that were missing from the original. Fuel in barb, no problem. Bottom drain line, no problem. What is the line coming out of the barb beside the fuel supply barb for? It is a little shorter than the bottom drain hose and is has a 90 degree bend molded into its end. I am clueless what its purpose would be. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I only gave $400 for the bike. I will be sure to post pics if my account will allow. Again, I am new here. Thanks.