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  1. 3262bk

    Kickstart replacement question

    I tried removing the bolt with a socket wrench and my cordless drill but still wouldn't budge any ideas?
  2. 3262bk

    Kickstart replacement question

  3. Rookie question here not sure how to replace a kickstart on my rm 250 anybody have any advice
  4. 3262bk

    Lets see The Rm's

    stock pipe and silencer?
  5. 3262bk

    Stripped oil drain plug on 02 RM250

    Update: So the dealer called me this morning and told me that there going to weld a crack in the crankcase and drill and re tap the threads is going to end up costing me about $220
  6. 3262bk

    Stripped oil drain plug on 02 RM250

    What tapping kit would you suggest?
  7. So i was changing my tranny oil on my bike and the damn bolt was hard as hell to get off and was most likely over tightened by the previous owner, so I finally got the bolt off only to discover that it was stripped. So today I took the bike over to my local suzuki dealer and asked if they could somehow drill and tap the threads to make it the next size bigger but they told me that sometimes "they can save it and sometimes they can't" and then he said that if they can't save it they might have to install a new crankcase which i think is unnecessary there has to be some other fix than getting a new crankcase any ideas?
  8. 3262bk

    02 Suzuki RM250 wont start

    Update #2: so I tipped the bike over and let the gas drain out and she started right up must have just been flooded.
  9. 3262bk

    02 Suzuki RM250 wont start

    I don't think its a bad mixture cause I just got fresh gas and mixed it yesterday but might be a coil
  10. 3262bk

    02 Suzuki RM250 wont start

    UPDATE: So I changed the plug and still wouldn't start but would fire. When I took out the old plug it was pretty fouled up though and i tried draining the gas out of the carb too and still nothing. Any Ideas?
  11. Hello I was riding my rm today for about 5mins and stopped to check my gopro and the bike shut off and I tried to get it going again but it wouldn't start. Sometimes it would fire but wouldn't stay running. I was thinking it may be a fouled spark plug or a flooded engine but I tried shutting off the gas and leaning the bike over to try to flush put the gas but still wouldn't start. Any advice is appreciated thanks.
  12. 3262bk

    2 Stroke Maintence

    Should I rejet if going from 50:1 to 40:1
  13. 3262bk

    Lets see The Rm's

    My new 02 RM250
  14. 3262bk

    Suzuki RM250 2002

  15. 3262bk

    Suzuki RM250 (2002)