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  1. the Honda factory service manual is the best thing in my opinion, Clymer or Hanes make a service manual also, but the factory manual is best
  2. jducati

    450 spark plug number?

    IFR8H11 standard or IFR9H11 optional
  3. in my opinion riding on the rev limiter is the main reason for valve problems, it will wear the valve springs out faster and in turn the valves. RC does not ride on the rev limiter, he is an unreal rider, very smooth. There are a few guys that bounce off the rev limiter, including factory riders, when they are in the air jumping, I don't understand why they do this, makes no sense to me. Maybe they think they are still on a 2 stroke, and have to rev the piss out of it to keep it cleared out??
  4. jducati

    Where to buy boots i NY ?

    motorcycle-superstore.com powersports4less.com accwhse.com
  5. jducati

    a new 05 450f or a second bike???

    ditto on the 250 2 smoker, it would be the closest bike to your 450, less maintanence for a practice bike. By the way, I have a mint 1999 CR250 if interested?
  6. jducati

    crf450 over heating any ideas

    use Engine Ice or Silkolene Pro Cool, they work real well. Make sure to flush your cooling system every year, mix 50/50 mixture of white vinegar and distilled water, start bike up and get it real warm, drain and then put your coolant in. Flushing the system will clean out deposits and make your cooling system more efficient.
  7. jducati

    Need Advice On New Brake Pads 04 CRF450

    aftermarket pads are going to be just as good or better than stock, more than likely they may be cheaper also! As far as the life of them goes, I'm not sure, they may last longer.
  8. jducati

    Draining radiator???

    remove the radiator cap, then remove the drain bolt at the water pump, all the antifreeze will drain out. I always flush my system whenever I change coolant. Mix white venegar 50/50 with distilled water, fill the radiator up and start the bike and let it warm up real good, then drain the system again, this will clean out all deposits and crud from your system. Engine Ice is already diluted so just pour in the Engine Ice up to the filler neck, rock the bike back and forth a little to try to work the air out of the system, if the fluid level drops, just add more coolant up to the top of the filler neck.
  9. jducati

    torque specs

    cylinder head nut = 43 ftlbs cylinder head mounting bolt = 7 ftlbs camshaft holder mounting bolt = 10 ftlbs cam sprocket bolt = 15 ftlbs hope this is what you need
  10. jducati

    Rear brakes are gone!!

    My first thought would be the master cylinder is bad, sounds like your line is full of air if the pedal bottoms out. You can bleed it best you can, take the caliper off and push on the pedal, see if the pistons move at all. Be careful the pistons don't come out all the way, if they do move, my guess is they wont move. May have to get a new master, or rebuild it? Stainless rear lines are cheap, might as well replace the stockers while your at it.
  11. jducati

    buying a 2002 CRF450

    getting a 2002 CRF450 next week, it is my first 4 stroke dirt bike. Anything I should do or look for, other than general maintanance items, before first ride, thanks much!