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  1. sillyrabbott

    Ktm 125sx not starting

    replaced the piston and runs perfect
  2. sillyrabbott

    Ktm 125sx not starting

    had this bike for about a month nowits a 2006 new to me type of deal. as soon as I got the bike home drained the gas did a flush of the old and added new mixed gas with a 40 to 1 syn. changed the oil thats when i noticed some metal chunks on the drain bolt. replaced the oil with rotell-t drove it for a few hours and changed the oil again with a little bit of flaking. went for another ride today was running good, a few stalls perhaps to human error? but then it died totally. we noticed oil coming from the spark plug, never a good sign. replaced the spark plug it was drenched in black oil. perhaps from the bottom end? busted rings? we tried to kick it over and it felt way too easy to kick over and no offers on starting. we tried to bump start it but would not offer. so it is getting fuel plug was wet and smelled of the strawberry oil mix, getting air, confirmed spark as well. so now I'm thinking busted rings? and sure way to know? any other tips tricks i might have missed?
  3. sillyrabbott

    Choke question

    Sadly I cant get it running and I'm thinking that might be one of the issues
  4. sillyrabbott

    Choke question

    How do I know the choke is working?
  5. sillyrabbott

    trouble k8ck starting 94 klx650r

    Ok so I traded a buell for this bike with little or no reguard to advice from the wife. So when I went to get the bike the owner kicked it and it ran good. Got home went to start it my poor leg wanted to kill me along with the wife. Got my buddy to help so 3 legs later and an hour of kicking we got 30 min run. Since then lubed the choke cable replacex the plastic part by the carb cleaned the carb replaced plug and plug wire used easy start and my buddy can get it going sometimes. But he refuses to be my remote starter lol. Is there anything else I can do to make it easier to start? Is there an electric starter I can put on it help before the wife flips again