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  1. cj.

    98 KX125 Front Rotor Shield

    https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1193/62691/Acerbis-X-Brake-Front-Disc-Cover-with-Mounting-Kit?v=2777 I think motosport carries them too.
  2. cj.

    Rear brake issue

    A few weeks back I had to get on my rear brake pretty hard, and the pedal sort of popped and pushed down farther than ever. I couldn't get it working again it just kept overextending... i assumed I had blown the master cylinder. Well I rebuilt the master cylinder and had excellent brakes again! Went to the track twice with great results. This week, I went to the track again, the brakes did the same thing. I rode back to the truck to take a look, and when I got there the brakes were back. I played with it for a while and could not replicate the issue, so I went back out on the track. Great brakes for a couple laps, and then gone again! Pedal seems to overextend too far... pushing the push rod up into the master cylinder farther than normal. Just like before.. Well last night I tore it all apart, even though at that moment they were working great. The seal cups on the piston look great. I cleaned everything, and let them soak in brake fluid for 30 minutes. Put it all back together, bled the system, and the brakes work great. I stood on the bike, rocked it back and forth, pushed down on the pedal fairly hard, basically trying to make it fail, with no success. Brakes work great. Was their air in the system somewhere???? I'm nervous at some point this is going to happen again. 97 kx125
  3. cj.

    1996 KX 125 HELP

    Try cleaning the carb... probably a clogged pilot jet.
  4. cj.

    Seal the Airbox?

    I've seen quite a few posts on here about guys sealing their airboot to the airbox using 3M black weather strip adhesive. If that's where the leak is..
  5. so it appears to be that 94-97 cylinder use all the same powervalve parts, and mounting holes. But the part numbers are slightly different. Is this only a slight porting change? Any cylinder 94-97 should fit on any bottom end 94-97? Or did I miss something that won't allow them to work?
  6. cj.

    1997 KX 125 build

    I rebuilt a 97kx125 2 winters ago... it was a fun project. EBAY will be your best friend, but i was surprised at how many parts rocky moutain and motosport had in stock, oem and aftermarket. EVery gasket, and every bearing in the bike was replaced. I put a boyesen rad valve on it... didnt seem to improve much from just boyesen reeds in the stock cage. The fmf fatty / shorty combo made a huge improvement on the low to mid. keep this updated, would like to see what you come up with.
  7. cj.

    Your favorite Mich public track?

    Twisted is probably my favorite... although I do agree it is flat. I like the loamy sand, and starting late last year they started doing practice days without quads so You can get some more ride time. Especially when they do an 11-6 practice. It's also 30 some minutes from my house. If Valley was closer it would be my favorite. I like the dirt there, not much hard clay at all and there;s only a couple turns that are almost too sandy. On a Saturday practice, depending on turnout, sometimes it will be open track all day. You can get wore out quick. I like the tight section in the middle where their finish line is. I really like baja, but 12-5, and so many riders, at the end of the day I wish i could have rode more. As much as it beats you up I love the section leading up towards the old kong. Freelin is fun, but I hate the first few rides before the lines have formed. Also hate the "whoops"... but that's probably because I cant figure it out.
  8. cj.

    Lil boggy in low rpm's

    I have the same problem with a 97 kx125... with a boyesen rad valve and everything else stock. Its seems to run rich, but I dont have a massive spooge problem. It's also bored 2mm over...
  9. cj.

    Michigan roll call

    howell . Pretty much between howell and brigthon.
  10. Couple updates to my 97 kx125 this winter... at this point im really regretting not powdercoating the frame and swingarm. Maybe a different front number plate too.
  11. cj.

    97 KX 125 gas/oil mixture leaking?

    Mine leaked awfully bad here too... replaced the seal and I'm pretty sure there was an O ring in there too. No more leaks.
  12. cj.

    kx125 forks

    That's all I needed to hear, I'll have them rebuilt to my skill and weight. Thanks
  13. cj.

    kx125 forks

    I need to have my forks and rear shock rebuilt this winter.... Its a 97 kx125. Rear shock is simple, I'm going to drop it off and have them rebuild and maybe get a new spring to fit me. Now to the forks.... before I go ahead and have them rebuild 97 forks, would it be worth it to snag a set of newer forks off of ebay? I am almost positive I remember a couple posts that claimed some of the older 250f forks were direct bolts ons. ( im searching that now).
  14. cj.

    Piston hit head?

    should have crank, cylinder, and head back first week of september. Then to finish my fight against jetting a bored cylinder.
  15. cj.

    Piston hit head?

    I'll take that advice, I'm going to send out the crank, cylinder, and head. I enjoy the old bike, so I don't mind spending the money and having it around.