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  1. kxroost

    what do you guys think?

    oh shit, I didnt realise i did, that thanks for leeting me know, ill take it off in a second.
  2. kxroost

    what do you guys think?

    haha thats what i asked, shanes snapped i think so he took it off and scotts didnt have one when he bought the bike, is spose thier to lazy to get a new one becuase i dont reckon it looks good. thanks for the good feedback.
  3. its a club me and my mates made www.omanindustries.tk
  4. Does anynone on thumper talk have a yz with a white rear mudguard or a black one with black side panels? I can not deside which one i want, any opinions would be great.
  5. kxroost

    FMX plastics?

    yeh i might wait until i can do some fmx first but i have one more question. do you roost the hell out of yourself?
  6. kxroost

    FMX plastics?

    judging by your name i presume your into fmx and youve cut yours? if so how did you do it, eg cut it down, file it, sand it. and does it look dodgie where it been cut?
  7. kxroost

    My bike... photochoped

    thats a nice bike you got there, how long did it take you to do the spokes on photoshop.
  8. kxroost

    FMX plastics?

    What does everyone think about the short plastics that FMX riders have? do you think they look better than standered? and do they buy them short or cut them off?
  9. Does any one out there know where some mx tracks or good places to ride are in SA (for unregisterd riders), preferably free or cheap entry fee ones. i already go to port gawler so u dont need to mention anything about that.
  10. kxroost

    What bike should i buy?

    both those bikes are very good although i havnt seen or heard much about he rm-z, but the yz-f 250 aint slow. And you should think about if your going to be crossing roads, if you are and if your turning 16 you should maybe have a look at the wr 250f.
  11. kxroost

    What rims? YZ426

    i was wondering the exact same thing!
  12. kxroost

    Super Moto

    yes but i can only afford one around $6000.
  13. kxroost

    Super Moto

    yeh thanks for the advice, oh and one more question can anyone suggest how much a 99-2001 motard could cost, preferbly 250 or 400 wr-f. and if i did by a stock wr how much would it cost to turn it into a motord.
  14. kxroost

    Super Moto

    can everyone please post pictures of there motards, and can someone tell me in there opinion which is better out of a roadbike and a motard, and why.
  15. I do nont yet have a picture but can everyone post their best action pics.