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  1. Looking to spend a weekend single track riding with friends, and prefer to camp somewhere on or very close to the trail with my RV. I thought I read that overnight camping is not allowed at any of the parking areas? Are there ANY options? It doesn't need to be an official campground per say, if they allow overnight parking (eg. wallmart). I also see there is a campsite called Trailhead Campground in Coal Township and it says they are adjacent to the trailhead. Is this area good? Looking primarily for single track. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  2. Not finding many options. IMS has one tank and it is very expensive.
  3. What iPhone apps have folks used (with success) for off road lap timing in the woods? I am not running MX, but hare scrambles. I have a practice track I want to track lap times for purposes of set up (suspension).
  4. 95jersey

    Why Xplor but not AER

    Explorer are open cartridge forks, which are always softer and plusher and suited to slow technical trail riding. Closed cartridge forks were originally designed for MX, but transition to fast trail/gncc type riding well. The TE and XCW are trail bikes designed for slower technical terrain. The TX/XC are GNCC/Hare scramble race bikes that can transition to MX. Once you open up the speed and start hitting terrain at MX speed, a closed cartridge fork will shine, in the same terrain, the open cartridge will foam and start to pack. So they are just designed for different types of riding regardless of one using air vs mechanical spring.
  5. 95jersey

    Does this sound like Power valve rattling

    Easy way to find out...buy a can of race fuel...run it. If the noise goes away, you have your answer, if not it is power valve rattle (which is common). Buying a can of race fuel to test is cheaper than a motor rebuild.
  6. 95jersey

    2018 250sx sag recommendations

    I have a 300xc (same frame), so the sag would be similar if not identical, but I find on KTM's in general, to run the rear a little lower around 107-109. I prefer 107/108 based on how many burgers I ate that day...lol. The bike just doesn't seem as balanced at 104/105, however on Japanese bikes, those numbers seem to work well.
  7. 95jersey

    17+ Husqvarna TX model graphics?

    I like RedLabel the most, they are different. Clean without all the advertisements.
  8. 95jersey

    ? Ride whoops in the Jersey Pine Barrens

    hitting whoops in single track takes lots of practice, do not just "commit" if you are not ready. That is bad advice. It takes time. In the meantime, try just lofting the front wheel over the big/deep ones. Hitting whoops in a wider trail is easy, but your right, tight single track with trees is more difficult. To hit whoops at speed in single track takes time to learn how to control the bike precisely and find spaces between the whoops to turn and move the bike. Keep your eye focused WAY ahead and plan where you are going to turn (kind of point and shoot strategy).
  9. I am not talking 5hp, just the way the powerband feels. It is different, more "revy" and free flowing. Like I said, last refresh at same hours with Vertex resulted in business as usual.
  10. I agree with your logic, but honestly, I feel an actual difference in power gain, compared to my previous refresh (at same hours). The last refresh I did was with a Vertex piston, I didn't feel any noticeable change. It was just business as usual. With the Pro-x piston, the bike revs faster (250 like) and makes better mid and top power (and for once has some over rev), but I will say there is some definite loss of low end grunt (almost like removing flywheel weight). It is a little softer on the very bottom, but then right at 1/4 throttle you get a nice kick in the pants all the way to the top. The Pro-x piston definitely felt lighter in my hands, and you could visibly see less material on the piston compared to Vertex. I should have weighted both. Also to note, there was a small raised center section on the Pro-x dome vs the completely flat Vertex dome. It was a very small raised circle about where the spark plug meets the piston. I couldn't say how raised but you fingernail would easily catch it.
  11. 95jersey

    KTM/Husqvarna updates

    KTM/Husky updated their bikes on a yearly basis. They updated the motor, frame and suspension in 2017, with minor changes in 2018, then another motor and frame update in 2019. So not really sure where you get this 4 year cycle thing. As far as cosmets, they update the plastics/graphics on almost a yearly basis.
  12. Decided on the Pro-x. Bike has much better mid and top end with really good over rev. The Pro-x piston was lighter than the Vertex and you can feel it is much snappier, almost 250 like. Very happy
  13. 95jersey

    17+ Husqvarna TX model graphics?

    Do you have a picture of the other side? would love to see how far down the tank is compared to stock? Also does it block the radiator opening on the fairings?
  14. 95jersey

    17+ Husqvarna TX model graphics?

    what kind of gas tank is that and how much does it hold?