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  1. hagen

    Wiseco or JE pistons??

    I think so. The 2010 piston works excelent in my 2008.
  2. hagen

    Wiseco or JE pistons??

    wrong. The 2010 piston will even up the comprssion on the 2009. But you need the 2010 piston pin, too (and 2 new circlips)
  3. hagen

    JE nad Wossner pistons?

    Like D-K said, Kawi is back to 13.2 for 2009 and 2010. The other problem with hc pistons is weight. Just weight your standard piston + rings + pin and do that with a forged hc piston like the wössner You may then ask for 2010 Kawi piston set Hagen
  4. .. its a little homemade plastic guard, that you don't rub the top of the nitrogen chamber with your right boot. I hate seeing all the worn down shock comp adjusters on Hondas, same with the front brake lines, see the electrical helix on my front brake line. Hagen
  5. Hi Dave, the decals arrived today Hagen
  6. FYI : could not get the PC clamps, but got a good offer on 22 mm Applied clamps. Riding impressions : turn in is really effortless, midturn "standup" ist vastly reduced, headshake in braking bumps (just in the splitsecond when you are off the brake and the throttle) ist reduced, bike is more stable in highspeed straits with unregular bumps. If anyone ist unshure about the 22mm clamps for KX250Fs 2006/08 - go for it Hagen
  7. PM send, great customer care Hagen
  8. hagen

    Flywheeler puller?

    Thanks D-K, unfortunately my lathe is so clapped out, i could never do a good 24 x 1.5 right hand inner thread. I ordered the # 5380 Buzzetti tool, it even comes with a savety guard for the crank end, for 25 €. But kudos to your machine shop. Hagen
  9. hagen

    Flywheeler puller?

    Thanks primal.
  10. hagen

    Flywheeler puller?

    Thanks for the info ForsheeMS, i'll try to get the Motion Pro puller. projekt
  11. hagen

    Flywheeler puller?

    Hi, does anyone knows the size of the flywheel puller tool for a KX250F 2008 ? Like 27 x 1.0 lefthand, or something like that. The Kawi repair manual only shows the parts # for the Kawi tools. I likte to change the piston and camchain, and think i need to pull the flywheel to align the camchain to the crank sproket. Thanks for your help, Hagen
  12. ... you made my day, pistol Hagen
  13. Thanks guys, so it seems i have to put the money on the counter. Hagen PS I'm a slow rider, hope it works for me too
  14. After some years on Honda, i'm back to a KX250F 2008. Bike and suspension is fine, the only irritating habit is a kind "stand-up" in the middle of slow corners - or in corners with damaged ruts. Turn in is good, turn out is good, just the middle part make me scratch my head. I know, MXA states all the time that 22 mm clamps wills fix this behavoir. But MXA also states 310 cm³ oil in the outer chamber (what is totally wrong) Right now there is a 22 mm ProCircuit clamp on sale, should i go for it So, whats your take on the 22 clamps ? Hagen
  15. hagen

    amount of oil in 08 kx250f

    you may start with 340 cm³. If the fork feels too soft or bottoms harsh, you can add 10 cm³ to each leg, until the desired performance is archived. Hagen