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  1. BOTTOM LINE: Any top amateur or pro will admit: 450 is a beast that demands respect (throttle control), it will bite you. 250 you can hold wide open and put it where you want to. With proper susp. setup and tire setup a 450 will turn ALMOST as good as 250, however, it does weigh more their is no denying that fact. You can ask 100 pro's what bike tires them out more and 100 of them will tell you 450, I guess some people on here don't want to admit that. Any machine with twice the power of another will wear you out more
  2. Cory05

    Triple Clamps

    Interesting. What do you do if you have some PC works stuff? obviously the 52mm forks aren't going to slide into the clamps like stock forks, I'll be sure to get back to you on this
  3. Cory05

    What wasting $7500 looks like

    I have to disagree with that suspension statement. I have a 05 250f with fully re-valved and serviced Pro Action Susppension(our local guy). My stock 07 crf450 suspension is crap compared to my worked 05 stuff.
  4. Cory05

    Engine Oil Drain bolt torque?

    I snapped one off a few years ago on a kx125, still kinda ticks me off thinkin' bout what a pain it was getting it out.
  5. Cory05

    oil leaking out of that small hall on the head

    Ya I think that hole was designed to blow a blast of air into to clean spark plug head. I may have just been horribly off on that but I remember it was interesting and unique to Honda's, I just remeber something bout the spark plug
  6. Cory05

    What happenned?

    Demand that they fix it for free seeing that the bike probably ran fine for 1-2 years until they worked on it and it went for 5 minutes before shutting down. Take an adult or older brother/friend with you and be respectful and hopefully that will be enough for them to fix the problem they caused.
  7. Cory05

    250 burns oil

    Mine has burnt oil since the day I got it. Probably about halfway down the dipstick in about 40 min. on motor. Still starts on first kick and hasn't lost power and valves are in spec so I'm not stressing it.
  8. Cory05

    Crf 250 big bore 263 blows the bigone

    Even if jetting is spot-on I couldn't see a whole lot of difference between a 250 and 263. Think about, it thats only about a 5% difference in displacement, I wouldn't imagine being able to tell a huge difference anyway. If I was to go Big-Bore I think it would be the 307 kit by WB (I think)
  9. Cory05

    Poll: Maintenance vs life of 250f

    IMO, none of you guys above are changing your oil often enough. Just my opinion here, but, if your riding hard, I'd say 3 rides for me is only a total of 1 hour. Our races are only 6 laps on a SX type track with lap times around 1 minute, so 2 motos is only 12 minutes on motor. Practice rounds are 10 minutes long so a full night may only be 30 min. on motor. For the schools I go to on monday night I'd say I put a solid 1 - 1.5 hrs on motor. 1) 1.5 - 2 hours in between oil changes I definetly think 5 hours of hard MX/SX time on motor is way too long in between oil changes. Probably 2 - 3 times too long
  10. Cory05

    Steering Stem Bearings....help

    That "race removal tool " and the "wheel bearing removal tools" are pretty cool, probably not worth the cost for most of us but definitly cool nonetheless.
  11. Cory05

    Steering Stem Bearings....help

    What is a punch? Anyway RG3 said the race is pressed into the frame and there is absolutely no harm in re-using the existing race, so thats what I did. RG3 said the race comes with the bearing so thats the reason they include it with the stem/bearing. thanks for the reply
  12. Cory05

    Needed steering stem

    motosport sell the oem steering stem for 265 bucks. look under oem honda parts. but your best bet is like I did, RG3 sells one for 99 bucks.
  13. Cory05

    carbon pro

    From stock jetting you will definitly need to re-jet if you like your bike to run perfect.
  14. Cory05

    who man funnel?

    Do you have nothing better to do? Good god mate come fill out a application and I'll put you to work, no sense sittin' around postin' nonsense, there's work to be done.
  15. Cory05

    anybody here tried the whitebros carbon pro exhaust?

    Got The Carbon Pro On My 05, Best Pipe I've Ever Had, My Bike Will Not Fall Flat On Top-end.