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  1. Time Left: 18 days and 14 hours

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    Selling a slightly used 3 gallon IMS Tank for the 16-18 YZ450FX & 16-18 WR450F.


  2. Time Left: 17 days and 11 hours

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    Slightly used Race Tech .54kg fork springs and 6.6kg rear spring. These are just a tad too thick for my weight. These are in perfect working condition. The rear spring will also fit the YZ450F and WR450F.


  3. Time Left: 17 days and 11 hours

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    Selling a complete GYTR radiator cage from my YZ450FX. The cages have roughly 50hrs. These will fit the following bikes. WR250F(2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015) WR450F(2018, 2017, 2016) YZ250FX(2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015) YZ450FX(2018, 2017, 2016)


    Escondido, California - US


    2015 WR450F Light Recommendations

    Baja Designs XL Pro Series in the factory headlight will be the cleanest, best performing and easiest install. I am running the XL80 in the WR shell on my FX with a 4% dimmer for the street.

    2018 YZ450FX Dual Sport Questions

    DISCLAIMER: I'm the COO for Baja Designs. With that out of the way; the FX has a180W charging system. This is why I replaced my 450X with a now plated FX. I installed our No Headlight DSK Kit, WR headlight shell and an XL80 with dimmer. You can certainly install a RMATV dual sport kit although there is a reason their kit is so much less than ours. The wiring quailty, seals and connectors are not even in the same playing field. Over time the RMATV harness will harden causing voltage issues, seals will crack and pins will break. Regardless which direction you go have fun and enjoy the plate. I love my plated FX.

    YZ450FX Battery Dead within a few hours

    I just resolved a parasitic draw issue on my 16 FX. After trouble shooting the entire electrical system the ECU was the culprit. A recent water crossing caused a voltage spike at the main relay connection taking out a portion of the ECU.

    Diagnoses Code 43

    Correct it's for the relays. I'm not concerned about more protection for the ECU since it uses a waterproof connector. The main relays are my concern for added protection.

    Diagnoses Code 43

    I ordered a P3 cover to help prevent against this from happening again. http://p3carbon.com/shop/wp-covers/p3-carbon-electronics-protector-yamaha-yz250fx/ I'll inspect the ECU now. It's just a pain with an IMS 2.6g tank.

    Diagnoses Code 43

    I would like your guy's input. After running flawlessly at Kennedy Meadows I took my FX to Crestline the next week. The battery was dead so I kicked the bike and the FX would not rev above 2,500rpms before it started popping. After load testing the battery it had failed. Installed a new battery and the bike ran great up and down the street. The next week I went to Moto with the wife and same thing. Battery is dead and won't rev above 2,500rpms. The GYTR programmer is tossing a 43 error code so I tested the main relay although it being warm still has continuity and the harness does as well even though the white connector is discolored. I ended up replacing the corroded terminals and swapped the radiator fan relay since it's the same part number. The relay works, but when I plugged the main relay back in I can watch the battery voltage slowely drain and the relay gets warm rather quickly.

    Stumped & Chasing My Tale

    hot start stuck? I removed the level actuated hot start and installed the plunger type off a CRF/R to cleanup my handlebars and cables. I could have installed the new mechanism incorrectly. I will check when I get home.

    Stumped & Chasing My Tale

    Thanks for the input. I replaced the lines with OEM part numbers although getting insulation for them is a great idea. I'll pick some up at a local auto parts store.

    Stumped & Chasing My Tale

    Hey guys, Need some help with my 450X which has me scratching my head. When under 175 degrees my 450X runs great. Once it starts going above 175 the bike starts popping, backfires, feels like it's being starved of fuel then dies. The electric start just cranks and it will only fire back up with the kick starter. Idle rises then falls until it stalls. Tokyo Mods just cleaned the carb, installed all new fuel lines, made sure the overflow tubes weren't clogged, and installed a new plug. I am at a loss besides thinking the ignition coil or stator are beginning to fail. What do you think?

    2011 KTM 350SXF Issue

    The tps sensor and injector seem to be fine after further inspection. I plan on pulling the fuel pump tonight and pressure testing it tomorrow.
  14. Hello All, While riding today I experienced a very odd issue with my KTM. The bike will run flawlessly for 45 minutes to an hour then randomly the bike begins to bog and die. It feels like the bikes starving for fuel. If I wait 30 seconds the bike will start back up, run for a couple of seconds and die again. If I wait a few hours and allow the bike to cool off it will run for 45 minutes then the same symptoms occur. My initial thoughts are the source coil or pickup coil are beginning to fail. Has anyone experienced a similar issue with their KTM?