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  1. hahahaha couldn't stop laughing at this picture. Gotta question some of you guys who are defending a man who wears eyeliner. To each there own, I know I don't feel the need to put make up on my face, and if you ask me if any man feels the need to do that they have some serious psych issues
  2. Chad Reeds new sponsor must be covergirl, what's next lipstick? I've heard the rumors but there is no denieing this man is wearing eyeliner!
  3. Just wanted to say thanks for suggesting this book. I requested it for Christmas and just finished it. Just ordered the sequel 'Lila' as well. It's honestly changed my life and how I think and view the world. It's amazing that being a rider would bring so many different opportunities and experiences into someone's life that aren't even related to riding itself. Hell if I wasn't a rider I wouldn't be on this forum and would never had known about that book. Highly suggest it to anyone else who hasn't read it. Thanks ya! And may your life be filled with quality!! Haha
  4. The hole is there to allow usually a very small amount of coolant too leak out that makes its way past the seal (few drops a year). If coolant is leaking out of that hole it means your seal is junk, even if its new you did a half ass job, make sure ALL OF THE OLD SEAL/GASKET is off before installing the new one. Use razor blades to scrape it off and then use contact cleaner and a scotch brite pad. And make sure the new gasket is centered correctly and aligned.
  5. Not to sound like a alpinestar rep but the buckle system is all new in 2014 as well. Super damn easy to use its rediculous. Just wanted people to know that don't know that these new tech 7s at 350$ are just as nice as the high end 500-600$ boots. If your in the market right now check em out. I'm glad I did
  6. That's exactly what I was thinking and kept telling the Rocky Mountain customer service person. I kept saying "so your telling me the 2015 gear is discontinued before 2015? I don't get it" something seems weird with alias right now, how can you unexpectedetly discontinue 2015 gear all of a sudden without a warning or without atleast fulfilling existing orders? Not sure what's going on here.
  7. What Rocky Mountain told me was that the entire line was discontinued but they happend to have one more XL jersey in the colorway I wanted. So what's up with alias? Are they closing up shop or what? Really disappointing if they Are because I love there gear
  8. Same thing happened to me ordered a large A2 red camo jersey from Rocky Mountain and they emailed me last night saying it was discontinued. I don't understand how the 2015 line is discontinued? What's the scoop?
  9. Not sure how the old tech 7s were but the new design seems amazing. Everything is so comfortable it's rediculous
  10. Can I ask why? I've worn a pair of tech 10's that have had about 5 years on them and they finally just got to the point that they really needed replaced. For 350$ there's no other boot that compares to the new tech 7.
  11. They completely changed the entire tech 7 boot in 2013. Nothing got carried over from the old style. Absolutely awesome boot for 350$ IMO. Even the buckles are amazing. And yes they come in many different colors. All black, all white, white/yellow, white/green, the ones I have, and some more I believe
  12. Well just bought a set of 14' tech 7s. Haven't road in them yet but I will say this. COMFORT. Wow. These boots are just about as comfortable as a pair of tennis shoes, no joke. Anyone got any ride time in on these boots? What's your opinion? I have a strong feeling that I'm going to love them on the track.
  13. Thanks guys. I'm just guessing here but if you were able to get 25 hrs out of a mx52 my guess is average lifespan of a mx32 would be about 3/4 or half of that time due to being a softer compound? How bad was the tire after 25 hrs? That's a hell of a long time I'm guessing it was almost bald? Well if anyone has anymore info on lifespans of mx32s on big bikes Id like to hear it. If not Ill post my own review but it won't be untill next spring. Damn winter. Someone needs to put in more indoor tracks around central Pennsylvania!!
  14. There has got to be a ton of new information on these tires now, anyone want to chime in? I just bought a mx32 rear and won't be riding much due to winter here in Pennsylvania other then an indoor track maybe 2-3 times. Looking for info on durability when using a mx32 on intermediate/muddy tracks. What's the average lifespan in hours would you say? Have heard great things based upon predictability and good traction through the corners and when the sidewall is hooked in deep ruts, is this true? I hope so that's why I bought one. Thanks to anyone's replies.
  15. No shit, I buy my bikes for the reasons I want. I don't give two shits what pro is riding it. But a very large group of younger aged people do buy things based on what pro says what about it. That's how advertisement works. Why do you think companies sponsor riders in the first place? To help them out? No, it's to get recognition of there brand. What happened when James bad mouthed the yamaha? All of a sudden everyone thought they were junk even without throwing a leg over one. These are the same people that will buy bikes based on what the pros say about them or who is riding what. That's just the way it is
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