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  1. GreedyGuido

    Initial Settings for Factorypro Jetting Kit

    Latest update. Went to second clip from top and all is sweet. Bike is new with 4000km on the clock so nothing should have been worn inside the carb. O2 meter reading on the money but this was a reading taken at the end of the pipe as I haven't had the time to weld a socket on like Rob has. No more initial bog after long periods of hot idle at lights. I am happy with the outcome. Might put her on the dyno if I get some time.
  2. GreedyGuido

    Initial Settings for Factorypro Jetting Kit

    Just an update. Ran the FP kit as per above specs for two weeks and notice bike was running a bit rich. I have raised the needle one clip (second from top) as opposed to the third clid. Doesn't seem to have affect the way the bike pulls since upgrading to the FP kit. Will see how she runs in the next few weeks. If all ok off to have here dyno'ed and fine tuned.
  3. GreedyGuido

    Initial Settings for Factorypro Jetting Kit

    Kit installed and you are right rob, much better roll on torque and power. All the hesitation from 0 to 1/4 throttle is gone except a slight from idle but that may be due to the bike reacting to the 125kg fat butt sitting on it. Thanks for the advise. Can't wait to get the bike up to the cape in July.
  4. GreedyGuido

    Initial Settings for Factorypro Jetting Kit

    Thanks for that. Will install on the weekend.
  5. GreedyGuido

    Initial Settings for Factorypro Jetting Kit

    G'Day Trend Setters, I was wondering if mx_rob could advise best initial setup when using a Factorypro jetting kit with stock bike. Bike will be totally stock other than exhaust header weld cleanup. I read through the 65 pages of jetting thread but not sure on what was final setup. Was it: Standard 140 main jet 45 pilot jet. Factorypro needle on 2-3 clip. Factorypro spring. Fuel screw out by 1 1/2 turns. Let me know what I should change for initial settings. I intend on putting the DR on the Dyno to fine tune it.
  6. GreedyGuido

    Synthetic Oil and DR650

    When should I change over if I decide to change.
  7. GreedyGuido

    Synthetic Oil and DR650

    Just recently I dropped my new Dr650 in for the first service (1000km). While picking it up I asked when I should change over to synthetic oil. The dealer advised that for the DR650 it was a totally watse of time and to just stick with the standard good mineral oil. This did surprise me a little as my experience with XR400 is that running synthetic oil gives long periods between oil changes and reduces engine wear. I also notice that the oil when replaced was still in good condition whereas the mineral oil always looked as if it did need replacing. Another mate who has a KLR650 adviseed that he had an improvement in fuel economy when he switched to the synthetic oil as well as seeing little oil degradation when changing oil. Can the long term DR650 owners who run the synthetic oil advise if there is an improvement in bike perfromance or wear. If so at what time should I change over to synthetic oil. I stock the full synthetic silkolene oil in the shed for my GasGas 450FSR was planning to use the same stuff so I don't have to stock two different oils. Anyone running this in their DR650.
  8. GreedyGuido

    the ads of these forums....

    I get that ad some times when I log in. If I don't I keep logging out and logging back in until I do However you need to remember, no matter how good looking a girl is there is some bloke out there who is sick of putting up with her sh!t
  9. GreedyGuido

    Howdee DR650 Pig Owners!

    I did the full spring and gold valve emulators with valving to suit fat boy sizing. A also updated the rear shock with new springs and valving. Best mod you can do for a DR650 if you are on the larger size.
  10. GreedyGuido

    DR650 With 18" Rear Tyre Sprock Size

    Just put the 18" on the back with an MT21 with the stock 41 sprocket. It is half way between 15-41 and 14-41 with the stock rear.
  11. GreedyGuido

    DR650 With 18" Rear Tyre Sprock Size

    This is a great site. Looks like I will run 14-42 on the dirt setup with the 18" rear and 14-41 with in street with the 17" rear. Thanks for the help!
  12. GreedyGuido

    DR650 With 18" Rear Tyre Sprock Size

    Just got a new DR650 and purchased a RAD cush drive hub with 18" rim. I would like to know if anyone else has an 18" rim on the back of their DR650 and if so what sprocket you are running.
  13. GreedyGuido

    worried about gasgas

    Love my 07 GasGas450FSR. Wouldn't have any other bike at the moment.
  14. GreedyGuido

    Gas Gas 450 FSR Q's

    I have to 07 and it is a fantastic bike. I never ride in the top range and spend nearly all my time in the low to mid. The gasgas is much better here then most 450's and the EFI has made it product great torque off the bottom. the power is very linier. I went from a DRZ400 to this as it was a good step. Keep up with any other 450 but doesn't seem to have the maintenance issues some of the other 450's have. I do 500km between oil changes and the oil is still good when I dump it but they may be due to the way I ride it. Starting them can be a bit of an art form.
  15. GreedyGuido

    Gas Gas 450FSE ?

    I had a DRZ400 and wanted to upgrade. Rode the other 450's and I knew the GasGas450FSR was the bike for me within minutes of riding it. Out of the box beats the competition hands down, The seat takes a bit to brake in.