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  1. motodrummer

    So if Reed. .

    Whoever wins the title this year, deserves it. Simple as that. Stewart for winning tons of races, if he does it. And Reed for being smart and consistent, if he does it. There's something that's telling me that Reed's worst race is yet to come.
  2. motodrummer

    Is James Stewart gonna run Outdoors?

    MXDN means nothing! They also said Stewart would smoke RC outdoors his rookie year. Why? Because he was setting faster times on the little 125 than RC was on the big 450. But how did that end up turning out??? Why didn't he beat RC? He was in a new class, with whole new bikes, whole new competition, whole new pressure. And RV will have to deal with that. I'll be suprised if RV runs with bubba his rookie year.
  3. motodrummer

    James " Bubba " Stewart needs to think more

    wow talk about beating a dead horse in here.
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  5. motodrummer


    There's a difference between agressive and "dirty." This guy should've watched the days when Hannah was around, then he'd be crying!
  6. motodrummer


    dream on dude.
  7. Stewart Reed RV Jlaw Dungy
  8. motodrummer

    Supercross in High Def?

    Yes they have shown SX in HD. Do you remember the US open on NBC (I think) this year? It was as HD as anything else. And, speed HD should show up on Direct TV and it should be very clean to watch.
  9. motodrummer

    Supercross in High Def?

    Anything on the main channels like CBS should be HD. But around here the only way to get SpeedHD is to have satellite.
  10. motodrummer

    James Stewart coming to Europe - He loves us

    Well considering in his own words he said "if they put up a ride outdoors I'll do it. It's up to them.":bonk:
  11. motodrummer

    James Stewart coming to Europe - He loves us

    yeah really big freakin deal. He's not the only celeb who's wanted solitude in the world. Anyways I have a feeling that yamaha may just offer him a factory bike for the outdoors, so I'm still holding a little hope that he'll race the full outdoors season this year.
  12. motodrummer

    This Could be a Runaway Season

    The thing with Reed is that he always has the goods to run up front. But we only see it SOMEtimes because he'd rather race to finish than put it on the edge and risk crashing to win. This is why I'm not convinced we'll see him running with Stewart every weekend.
  13. motodrummer

    This Could be a Runaway Season

    He's made some mistakes. But that really has NOTHING to do with what we're talking about. We're talking about James' being pressured here... I say again, watch those races where he was being pushed and you'd see again he handled the "pressure" very well. You really think CR or that RV kid will "push", or for that matter even be FAST enough to push JS into a mistake, instead of vice versa? Did you happen to watch the US Open this year?
  14. motodrummer

    Anaheim 1

    Stewart Reed Everyone else.
  15. motodrummer

    This Could be a Runaway Season

    No, I don't.