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  1. stormwire

    Topend How-To

    All, I was looking for a decent How-to on how to install a BBK or just do a top end on a 50-125cc pit bike motor to print out for a customer. I do not really want to make my own and take pictures and all that, so I was hoping that one of you had a link to a decent on that I could make use of. I look forward to your replies & appreciate your help. -Nathan
  2. stormwire

    ssr sba rear shock

    Guys, i had a customer that bought one of the SBA's that I had in stock and he wanted a rear shock upgrade. I suggested the bs66 as well and when we attempted to install it, it did not fit. The reason is because the aluminum sub-frame is not wide enough to allow the 1000 lbs spring to sit inside. Definitely some clearance issues when installing a normal rear shock into that beefy boxed alum sub-frame. I tried a DNM as well. I tried to come up with a few different ways to get it going, but to no avail. Just my 2 cents.
  3. stormwire

    Pitster Pro Mini moto racers can win!!!

    Stepping up BIGTIME ! I have tons of respect for a move like this !
  4. stormwire

    New ride

    That is a SICK bike for 500 bucks ! I cannot tell all of the details because the picture is a bit small, but I see a jialing motor, adjustable forks, reservior rear shock, cradle frame, etc... Maybe having that bike stolen was a good thing because you ended up with this
  5. stormwire

    Pitster Any News On 90cc?

    That is one sick 90 ! Thanks for posting pics, I have been waiting to compare this thing to my SSR 90 (heavily modified). Very impressed to say the least.
  6. stormwire

    ssr125 with a new motor WILL it work??

    1 thing you might consider is that the DX only comes with bushings in the stock swingarm, not bearings. The swingarm will have some slop pretty quickly. However, you can just upgrade to an extended aluminum swingarm with bearings whenever you are ready. The DX is a GREAT bike for the money, and the little 110 rips. New polished hubs are nice as well. Anyway, just a heads up on what to expect.
  7. stormwire

    Eric Gorr's new book Mini Motocross/Pit Bike performance

    That is a book I would like to have ! Have not seen anyone quoting anything from it on here yet, so must not be available. Keep us posted if you find anything further out about it's publish date ! Nice find !
  8. stormwire

    ssr b2?

    B2's are a great bike to get into the pit bike craze. 500.00 sounds like a great deal for sure. The bike has a chromoly steel frame with removable subframe, adjustable front forks and a bunch of billet stuff thrown on ... so for the $$ that is a great buy. Not to mention the Jialing 124cc motor is as reliable as you can get and also has a lot of upgrade options. I would replace the rear shock for sure though. Good luck man ! Keep us posted !
  9. stormwire

    2008 Thumpstar hahahah

    ... that is the correct price ... it is listed in this months issue of pit racer mag. I took a double take at that too because I thought it was a misprint, but it is correct. crazy for sure !
  10. stormwire

    lifan ogm 140

    Did they actually run the 140 on a dyno yet ? I know they have the results for the 150, but I was not aware of any numbers being posted on the 140. I talked to MJ over at GPX and he did not mention any dyno numbers on that motor yet ... Any further info is much appreciated
  11. stormwire

    SSR B2 Pro & Outlaw Powersports Review

    Excellent review ! I could not agree with you more !
  12. stormwire

    ZMC 125r??

    resevior on the rear shock, alloy swingarm, lifan motor (?), inverted forks, disc brakes, and knobby tires ... seems like there are a few redeeming features there While I have not had any experience with them, I would say that your kids will enjoy them for sure if nothing else. I would get a skid plate on there and lose the reflectors though
  13. stormwire

    Picked up an SSR 110 A1

    I would suggest an inner-rotor kit. For the money, it is definitely the most bang for the buck. You can find them on ebay and they install fairly simply. It will spool up way faster and give you the top end revs that you are looking for (more like a 2 smoke). I have an inner rotor kit in my 88 and it will run with a stock 124, even giving up nearly 40 cc's ! Some like inner-rotor kits, others do not ... Just do some research, but if you want a fast 110, this is the way to go
  14. stormwire

    my ride with the new graphics

    That is one sick ride !!!
  15. stormwire

    built a pit bike track- VIDEO ADDED

    Nice video man ... that looks great !