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  1. i have ridden my drz offroad quite a bit, its a fun bike, but after taking a kdx 220 in the woods, you can really feel the difference. the drz 400 is a good all around bike, but take it in the tight stuff and you will feel the weight, and how cumbersome it can be. drop it a few times and you willl understand.

    the kdx 220 was like a jack rabbit compared to the drz, it was nimble, and rode well in just about every condition, i could throw at it. this is more a specialized offroad bike. i found its power delivery like a big thumper, lots of bottom end grunt. its center of gravity, i found was way lower, and it made you feel more confident in the tighter , messy stuff.

    in the end it all comes down to what you want to do. try one out and see if thats the ticket. i won't sell my drz as its a good bike, and i don't always go into the real tight stuff. also i would get shunned by the drz gods in this forum. but if i had the space it would def be a kdx220 parked beside the others in the garage:thumbsup:

  2. no time for lurking as i'm too busy riding , or maintaining all these damn bikes in the garage. you guys are like my online manual, when my drz has issues , theres no point posting up, as i just use the search function, like a good member:prof:

    jus to keep you all updated, since my last post, i have jetted, geared, rad guarded, bash plated, bark bustered, mcct, clarke tanked, change the countershaft sprocket seal, spacer , and o ring, and bar risers. i think i am about done, thanx to all you hooligans:thumbsup:

    looking forward to lurking on here again , when another issue arises ,, Roger:canada:

  3. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=13258

    The fuel screw is the one the arrow is NOT pointing to. it is on the bottom of the carb. just picture the float bowl being attatched and the screw which the arrow is NOT pointing to is still exposed. note, you do not have to remove the carb or take it apart to turn the fuel screw.

    thank you very much, like they say a picture says a thousand words. :thumbsup:

  4. i always balked at the dl1000, to me it looked like big clumsy tank. that was until i took one for a test ride at a local dealership. i found this bike to be really nimble once yer feet left the ground, and talk about a comfortable ride. my only complaint was with the wind buffeting at higher speeds. i will def buy one of these bikes in the near future, as i have already warned the wife, that another girlfriend is moving in the garage. thank god she rides also, because i already have a cbr 954, and the drz400. :)

  5. i too would recomend the sv650, with your dirt exp i'm sure you would quickly outgrow the ninja250. the zuki sv650, is a great all around bike, if you drop it, theres nothing much that breaks , as this is an almost naked bike. it has good power, and the riding position is very comfortable. :)

  6. wow your daughter must have been thrilled about that gift, lucky girl. i promised my son a crf 100 in the x mas of 03, but my wife had an anurism,at that time, so we had a change of plans. the boy was very sad about not getting the bike, but happy mom , had survived her operation. so in june , we were in the dealership , looking around. he sat on the crf 100, and dreamed, twisting the throttle and stuff. as he went and sat on some quads, i told the salesman to load the bike in the truck, that i was gonna buy it. as we walked out the salesman handed my son the keys. at first he was confused, and said '' i don't own a bike yet''. you should have heard him scream out with joy, as we approached the truck.... i wish you and your daughter many safe years of riding together. ROGER :cry:

  7. i sure as hell would buy another S model again, there have been times that i have been so far up in the logging roads, that if you break down, you would be in a heap of trouble. the DRZ always brought me back, its a solid reliable bike:thumbsup:

  8. wow that is total bullshit, that crap goes on up here too. you would not believe the amount of bikes that get stolen up here in BC, both street and dirtbikes go missing. i feel really bad for your son, as i too have a boy that rides, and know how much his bike means to him. whenever we transport the bikes, one of us always stays with the truck, theres just too many cockroaches out there. you are lucky they did not steal the truck too. i hope you get your bikes back, and the thieves get dealt with:thumbsdn: .....ROGER

  9. i see i'm not the only one who feels like this. i too have been riding bikes a long time, and it only gets better. between my streetbike and my dirtbike, its like i'm torn between two lovers. some days up here its just too cold to do either, but i go in the garage , sit on them , and dream of taking that corner leaned over,, or jumping that burm. when i die i want a motorcycle headstone :cry:

  10. i agree if yer not bailing, yer not learning. i find i dump the bike more so when i'm experimenting on diff terrain. i have flown over the handle bars a few times, my friends said all i needed was a cape. i have slid backwards about 15 feet, after going up a slippery hill which was mostly clay. all i remember was saying oh f^&&k, and seeing the sky, the ground , the sky, and the ground , as the bike slid past me. its been sept since i've owned the bike, so yeah i have dumped it quite a few times :cry:

  11. wow thanx guys, i'm glad this is a common thing, i'm gonna do the garden hose trick, and will check for that wiring harness also. yes you are right, the plate did magnify all the engine sounds. i am happy with the product, especially after i noticed how wimpy the factory plate was. thanx again ...ROGER

  12. ah yes here i am again , asking for your guys wisdom. today i installed the Devol skid plate on my 00 drz s model. i noticed as i took it offroading, the plate would resonate at certain higher rpms. it would make a rattling sound. the bolts are all snugged up , with loctite. i double checked the fasteners, and they are still secure. now is this normal, or am i being too picky, and should get louder exhaust? thanx again..... ROGER :cry:

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