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  1. I am in need of a stroker crank for crf 230. I noticed that your email is not active. is miller vintage cycle still in business? if so, how do I contact you? if not, anyone have another suggestion?


  2. Been looking hard at 300 smoker. Really want a Husky yet had white plastic get dirty when we used to do the 6 hours slogs in coastal mud on older white bikes. Since live on desert side now probably would not be a issue. Did you get the spring kit for powervalve and the multiple mapping new 300?
  3. See the Gresham sticker. Do you know Bozarth by chance?
  4. Understand Adnoh now, He is a Aries. Of course Aries rule the world ha ha. Mine was 2 fridays ago Still under 60 barely....
  5. Other than props to everybody Mixxer said one of the smartest and hardest to learn basics. It is COMBO! make all parts/components to work in specific area needed. A matched component engine will beat a mismatched engine everytime. Just because you have a pipe and massive cam a simple combo of moderate cam with great head and appropriate compression will beat you. Congrats Adno as you were reason I made new cams, cranks, valves etc. Good friend and someday he is having about 10 too many drinks when i meet him for first time.
  6. XR200 easy and fairly light for a 4t. Easy to make decent power as many parts available. 240cc at 12.5-1 and cam/carb/headwork and quite impressive. CRF230 motor weighs a tad more, electric start only but 270cc easy to build.
  7. where can i find a 69mm dome for 01 cr250 i run a esr head

    1. teamrude


      On that question I would suggest you call Charley at Superior Sleeve in Portland Oregon. He is the 2-stroke guru.

    2. 1998ss10


      thank you i called him but unfortunately he doesn't make domes. or get any on the hunt still


  8. Happen to have a 65.5 wossner lying around. Also if I had to choose it would be 1.5 cam as slighter stronger mid with higher peak torque.
  9. Give me thickness of both style gaskets so I can figure "as shipped" and as modified.
  10. Mixxer, I asked compression question a bit ago about Athena kit. I just wanted actual "CC" when assembled so we can verify compression. Allows changes in gasket and I can calculate with stroker at different deck specs.
  11. By the way way, did anybody get a true CR of new Athena kit?
  12. You will find that 1.375 pipe is one of hardest to find. Used for old VW headers etc probably why Jegs carries it. Cone engineering sells all the cool megaphone and reverse tip parts. By the way stainless is cool in that 20-22 gauge is common. 16-18 gauge steel is great in that near perfect fit to next size tubing.
  13. Since I have never had a 230 on dyno I can only explain what I found on XR200 (218-240 hi compression). I used 1.25 od for 10-12 inches, then 1.375 od for 12 inches and then 1.500 OD to megaphone. Typically ended right at 26-27 inches to start of megaphone. This size gave best overall power and was responsive on the trails or track. Many of the 240 ATC 200x guy swear by 1.375 OD to 1.50 to megaphone as their fav. I will always sacrifice a touch of max top for more bottom-mid punch. PS 1.375 and 1.25 180 degree steel and stainless U and J bends are available thru Jegs auto for cheap.
  14. I measured 23cc on 3 heads and one was 22.5 but consider 23 as normal. The 25 valve will definitely skey your cc results. As far as spring seat area. option would be to fill in seat and remachine. Then only have to spec a shorter valve spring that fit our pressure and lift needs. On sad note appears the shop I have been using may be sold soon. Trying to buy equipment needed to keep doing cranks and pistons. Will pass on old school boring bars and hones and farm that part of work out. If I don't end up with crank equipment then strokers for all the vintage Honda's may be over for me.
  15. VR1 is good. Just change often as I do with any oil period. Also had decent results from Brad Penn oil.
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