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  1. That’s a harbor freight grease gun minimum pressure. Good ones can reach 15,000 psi.
  2. Amazon carries thread specific files. Individuals and sets.
  3. I too like the mueller brace. Very affordable and seems work like any “MX” belt. Good support and does well keeping things in place. Just doesn’t have the bling or price tag.
  4. I joined the ATF group many years ago and been very happy every since. Remember just cause it’s for “automatics”, they still have clutches and gears. Just like your dirt bike. I run it in an 03 KX250 btw.
  5. B.R.C 500 2T kit it what I’m feeling
  6. Maybe it’s just me but I’d have a hard time giving a $100 for a bike that hasn’t been at least washed off with a garden hose. That said, I don’t believe that is a factory added hole. If the bike runs, then it’s probably not a problem. If it doesn’t run, then that hole goes into the crankcase and it will never build case pressure to transfer air/fuel mix to the combustion chamber. That’s the best answer I can give.
  7. Right of the internet so it has to be true. Says either or I believe.
  8. Check your cylinder. I had an issue on my kx250 where the top piston ring had a piece break off. The bottom ring was fine. When it broke it pushed the piece leaving one gouge up the cylinder wall and exited the engine. The engine still had 130-140 psi cold. BUT what was happening was that under hard acceleration it would ignite the gas under the piston and just run off uncontrollably. Kill switch wouldn’t stop it, had to up shift dump the clutch and hold the kill switch. Like stated, I went through everything scratching my head until I found the scratch in my cylinder wall.
  9. The friction against the valve seat would also wear the coating off of the valve. Most I believe the valve “face” is not coated. But the rest of the valve is. To honest I have little experience with coated valves. Just traditional titanium, stainless, and others
  10. I never disagreed with you. I’m just pointing viable options. Some people like the DIY sense of accomplishment
  11. I must not be doing too bad. I’ve never even heard of those 2 shops. I’m sure they do great work. But I’ve never needed their services. Btw the equipment in the factory I work at uses microns as a unit of measurement not measly .001”
  12. Obviously you’ve done hundreds of these. But sounds like your the kind of guy that pays everyone to do you work. I however have done the work. I have used this type of technology to cut 5 angle seats and hand lap them to near perfection. I’ve been working on engines and factory equipment for nearly 30 years. I DO have the talent.
  13. It was an EXAMPLE calm down. There is also Neway cutters also.
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