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  1. 91kdx25088

    Testing out the new Yamahas

    I thought they all felt very low but I ride a PDS (linkless) KTM. I think my seat height measured at over 39 inches, that's a real world measurement. Im 5' 7" with a 30 inch inseam so just about the shortest legs of all the people I ride with.
  2. 91kdx25088

    Is 2016 Acerbis tank 2.3 or 2.9 gallons

    Say 2.9 on their website. I would hope they know what they are making/selling.
  3. Sunday I drove up to NH to test out the new 2018 Yamahas. Overall I was very impressed. I didn't ride a bike that I didn't like. heres some videos from the day. Yamaha YZ450FX Yamaha YZ250FX Yamaha YZ250X
  4. 91kdx25088

    Wheelies - XR250 vs XR400

    this. clutches (plates at least) are one thing that I always order OEM.
  5. 91kdx25088

    2 stroke question????

    buy a new pipe. I almost guarantee yours is bent.
  6. 91kdx25088

    Back tire keeps slipping on jumps

    Its not suspension work its turning an adjuster with a screw driver obviously you know better now but I would seriously be weary of any advice that person gives you.
  7. 91kdx25088

    Wheelies - XR250 vs XR400

    ride down your driveway at about 10mph or so and put it in top gear. rev it up and dump the clutch. if the RPMs don't immediately drop then your clutch is slipping.
  8. 91kdx25088

    Guess what's on my filter

  9. 91kdx25088

    Low compression good leakdown?

    worn rings?
  10. 91kdx25088

    Can I JB weld the crank case cover on my wr450f

    the surface has to be perfectly clean. sounds like the crap I used. cures in something like 24hr.
  11. 91kdx25088

    Can I JB weld the crank case cover on my wr450f

    I had an old street bike. dropped it once and put a good sized hole in the clutch cover. used JB weld and it worked fine.
  12. 91kdx25088

    What is today's KDX?

    you can still buy every single oem part for a 2000 kdx200, probably older.
  13. 91kdx25088

    Motocross blow up

    I, an nobody else, can answer that question. even the maintenance thing is speculation. after enough hours your going to have to adjust valve clearances and replace parts.
  14. 91kdx25088

    Looking for recommendations on Radiator Guards

    cant beat unabiker. my bike has taken some SERRIOUS hits to the rads on rocks and not even a dent. Ive broken numerous shrouds at the rads but the guards and rads are fine.