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  1. I made a wheel/hub spacer and just removed the whole thing when I put on my vapor.
  2. socalnative

    NX650 engine stops after full throttle

    Sounds like a fuel starvation or vapor lock issue. You may be able to see fuel in the clear line from the tank to the float bowl, but you have no idea if it's flowing or how much it's flowing. I would not buy any more electrical part, if you are sure the ones you have now are good, until you fully check out the fuel delivery system. If it starts that quickly you probably can't pull out the float bowl drain and see if it's full and that fuel will continue to flow out since the float would be fully down and the needle wide open. But even then you might have an issue in the carb. That would be where I'd start. Also throw in a new spark plug and do a quick run around and check the color.
  3. socalnative

    Xr650l to 650r full engine swap

    OP, if you already have the XRR motor then sell it. They are worth almost double what you can buy a XRL motors for. I know someone will chime in and say they have a XRL motor that they wouldn't trade for 10 XRR motors...etc, etc. But the truth is that XRR motors are far more rare and sell for quite a bit more. So you would be ahead of the game to just sell the XRR motor you have or can buy inexpensively and then put that money into the XRL rebuild or new motor. Either way you will be ahead of the game. If you searched the Internet and didn't find any info about swapping the two motors there probably is a reason. For reference I had been looking for a XRR motor. Running but needing rebuilding they started at $800, and running they were around $1400 but went up from there. Many were over $2000. But XRL motors, which I found along the way were as low as $200 for one needing rebuilding and decent running versions from $500-$1000. Most under $1000.
  4. socalnative

    Trail Etiquette- Hand Signals

    You know the first word out of Porky-Pig will be "duuuuude" after he hits or runs you off the trail. This is the surfer/skater/snowboarder mentality, of "my wave, etc". You can ride however you like. But don't be surprised of a big time beat down if you run into me because you think the rest of us are moving pylons for your amusement. Also it's called common courtesy. Sorry to harsh your buzz.
  5. socalnative

    BMW R1200GS Adventure (2007)


    Very good at just about everything!
  6. socalnative

    BMW R1200GS Adventure 2007

    Very good at just about everything!
  7. socalnative

    XR 650r

    If you have the stock carb, get a 17mm socket, I think, and remove the float bowl drain/plug. Then use an 8mm? socket and take out the main jet. Look at the number on it. If it's not a 170 or larger, get one and change it. Then run it around and see how it runs.
  8. Pick up the free San Bernadino OHV map available at any of the SB forestry stations, like Mill creek, Big Bear lake and Lytle canyon.
  9. socalnative

    Potential Meniscus issue...

    Sorry to hear about your knee problems. ( My story at the bottom ). What I learned from my experience is that ligaments and the meniscus are not easy to fix and depending on your age, it really makes a difference on what or how they treat your injuries. If you are over 50 and your meniscus isn't torn, they won't operate. If it has a small tear or "loose or frayed ends" they may try to cut them off or shave it down some. Which will help with the knee "catching" or locking and some of the pain. But the meniscus will not grow back and once you lose or have some taken away your knee will be closer to bone on bone, which will be painful and probably lead to a knee replacement down the road. They used to try to implant artificial meniscus but I think that technique is no longer used as they never lasted long and gave most pain patients. Cortisone shots are a big time temporary fix and you have to be careful that the sudden pain relieve is just that and not get carried away and really hurt your knee. Hopefully the mri will reveal your problem which will make it easier to make the best choice for you. Good luck and make sure you fully understand what the doctors want to do when they suggest the treatment. ------------------------------------- My knee fun... ------------------------------------- I had a severely sprained mcl and mildly sprained acl. The orthopedic surgeon, I was finally referred to, is a knee sports injury specialist and he immediately diagnosed the sprains and how severe each were. He also thought I had a meniscus issue as well. I got an mri, which showed the sprains (stretched ligaments), but no full or partial tears. And also that my meniscus was thinner than it should be and was semi-ragged on the edge, which was causing my knee to lock from time to time. So there was good and bad news. It was good, I thought, that nothing was torn. But as I found out the only thing I could do was rest it and do physical therapy. I'm fairly active, mt. biking, hiking, fishing and of course motorcycling and I was playing hockey at the time of my injury, so a little physical therapy was nothing. I twisted my knee playing hockey and the orthopedic surgeon suggested that I not play hockey any more, as I am very likely to have more like injuries from the same kind of activity as before. Now about 18 months later my knee is about as good as before. My knees have been grinding and ratcheting for a long time but I just live with it and the soreness that follows a lot of physical activities.
  10. socalnative

    NorCal Sierras Deja Vu Ride Report

    Nice pictures!
  11. socalnative

    XR650R ONLY

    Sounds ok to me. They aren't sewing machine quite or smooth sounding at idle. Ride it around a little and you'll see that it is smoother running than it sounds at idle.
  12. socalnative

    honda xr 650 r won´t start

    I'm no expert, but your jetting seems ok. If you are smelling a lot of gas, I'd guess something is wrong with the carb/fuel delivery. There are many posts on here about the XRR starting procedure. This is what I do: If motor is cold: DO NOT TOUCH THE THROTTLE DURING THE FOLLOWING! 1. Put choke on full. 2. Make sure the fuel is ON. 3. With the ignition OFF, pull the compression release and kick it at least 5 times. 4. Release the compression release and use the kick starter to find the "hard" spot, or top dead center on the compression stroke. 5. Turn ON the ignition and kick it all the way through. A good full kick. 6a. If it starts I immediately move the choke to the half way position right away. 6b. If is doesn't start go back to step 4, repeat. You should not have to give it ANY gas with the throttle through this point. If you do, your adjustments aren't correct. if the motor is cold: The motor should start right away, without any choke, if you just start from step 4 from above. When my motor is warm, I can usually start it without finding the compression stroke. It will start with one kick from anywhere.
  13. socalnative

    Suzuki RM250 1982

    Power band will dislocate your shoulders, elbows and wrists if not ready for it. Good suspension. First generation of new technology motocross bikes with long travel suspension, single shock and water cooled motor. The CR of the time may have been a better all round bike but the Suzuki would always get there first.
  14. socalnative

    Suzuki RM250 (1982)


    Power band will dislocate your shoulders, elbows and wrists if not ready for it. Good suspension. First generation of new technology motocross bikes with long travel suspension, single shock and water cooled motor. The CR of the time may have been a better all round bike but the Suzuki would always get there first.
  15. socalnative

    Honda XR650R 2002

    Does a lot of things very well but hate the seat (soon will replace). IMS 4.6 gal. tank, Scotts steering stabilizer, Scotts rear disc guard, Trail Tech Vapor, Acerbis handguards, Baja Designs d/s kit, uncorked and rejetted, Dunlop 606.