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  1. RichardU

    DRZ dies at idle

    Thanks for the ideas. If anyone else has this problem, I fixed it by replacing the float valve. It was probably the o-ring on the float valve, but I think you can only get the whole assembly.
  2. RichardU

    DRZ dies at idle

    My DRZ starts cold with no choke. Then after it warms up (few minutes), it dies at idle and will not restart. What would that be? Thanks for any ideas. Richard
  3. RichardU

    Starter Problems

    Thanks guys. It was hydrolocked. Didn't imagine that was possible but I've been wrong before.
  4. RichardU

    Starter Problems

    When I hit the starter button, sometimes it works fine and turns over quickly because the battery is freshly charged. But sometimes, the starter turns over once or twice then stops abruptly, like the cylinder just locked up, but I know it hasn't because the next time the starter might be fine. Any ideas about the cause or solution? Thanks, Richard
  5. RichardU

    Don't Ride Naked

    I know you're looking for poster feedback, but I'll say the dialogue in your trailer is a bit heavy. Seems like a spoof character. "Scott's my name. Danger is my game." Sometimes it's better to simply relay facts and direct your audience toward conclusions rather than force-feed them. Cheers.
  6. RichardU

    What Do You Love and Hate about Today's Machines?

    "to high down low and to low up high" I know people are sensitive about spelling corrections, so how about this. You spelled "to" correctly. It's just the wrong damn word. How about figuring that out so the rest of us don't need to read your stuff twice. And if your answer is nobody is making me read it, my answer is nobody is making you write it, and nobody is making you read this.
  7. RichardU

    2006 DR-Z400 Dies above idle.

    Thanks for the replies. I have put maybe 100,000 miles on bikes and have never used a shop except for warranty work. This carb was the exception. I took it to be ultrasonically cleaned. The shop guy says the best thing they've found to fight ethanol is K-100. So I'm using that, plus, my local gas station now offers ethanol-free gas for about 25% more than regular. (No corn for my gas tank! Corn only belongs in beef and jokes.)
  8. RichardU

    2006 DR-Z400 Dies above idle.

    I cleaned my carb and everything ran great. Then I let it sit too long again. Now it idles, but as soon as I give a bit of gas, it dies. If I give it a lot of gas, it goes. I'm betting one of the jets is clogged. Does anyone have any idea which one? Thanks, Richard
  9. RichardU

    Test rode a Ducati Hypermotard today

    I ride a DRZ-S and a Hypermotard 796 which comes with a wet slipper clutch. I've upgraded it with cut-down Zeta bars in Trial Competition bend, and a Renazco seat. It's not a supermoto, but it's the most fun street bike I've seen that will easily cruise in the 80+ range. I'm about to do the 7,500 mile service myself.
  10. RichardU

    Is my spring sprung?

    The preload adjusters are about halfway into their range of adjustment. I'm just surprised the spring would relax that much. I'll rebuild the shock with a heavier spring.
  11. RichardU

    Is my spring sprung?

    My 2006 DR-Z400S has about 24,000 miles on it. The suspension is stock and was working fine for me until recently. The sag with no rider is currently about 2.5". In other words, if you lift the bike until the rear wheel is off the ground, and measure from the rear axle to a point directly above, then let the bike sit on its own (I do have a rear rack and toolkit) the bike drops 2.5" Of course, there's not too much left beyond that. So is it possible my spring is simply worn out. I can't think of any other reason why it wouldn't hold up the bike. I've checked the linkage and nothing seems to be binding.
  12. RichardU

    Renazco seat for DRZ ?

    I have five Renazco seats in my garage, the DRZ was the first. I can do three hundred mile days without thinking much about the seat.
  13. RichardU

    Swingarm scars - Seen this before ?

    Good to know. Thanks. To the OP, I had the identical damage to my bike. Didn't quite make it through the aluminum, but close. I don't think there is anything you can do to prevent it except keep an eye out on the slider.
  14. A homebuilder friend of mine tells me there are ten important things you need to know to make a profit, and knowing how to build homes is number ten. A bike business may not be as complicated, but realize that knowing the "business" part can be just as important as knowing how to turn a wrench. Be willing to admit when you make mistakes, and seek help from others (as you are doing.) Start small and let the business pay for itself.
  15. RichardU

    Good Suspension Shop

    Call Mark at Hyperformance Suspension in Woodstock. 404-285-5818. He has a good reputation and did a good job on my wife's WR250R.