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  1. Any one out there riding with severe herniated disc or had surgery? I am now 36 and in good shape, was diagnosed with a herniated disc at L4-L5 a few years ago. I was doing great up until a couple weeks ago when I made it worse. I had been doing strength and stretching exercises, that are not working now. Used to be able to walk to help but now that just agrivates it, can't stand for more than a few minutes then my legs go numb and cramp up. Going to the Dr. next week to see what I did now. Already have the MRI and it shows that the disc material is now sticking out more than before. Not sure if I am going to need the surgery or if some other form of therapy may help? I wonder if this McKenzie method would work? Don't want to sell my bike, hurt my back wakeboarding.
  2. wow, you the man! I have not given up yet, but don't want to ride with numb legs and pain. T need a good P/T in Houston who deals with this problem!!
  3. Well, it's been over a month now since I re-injured the L5-S1 disc. I am mobil but still have bouts with numbness and scaitica pain in left leg when I walk. I started swimming and stretching last week after about three weeks of P/T. I am going to start increasing my physical training, cardio work, and stretching more and building the strength in my core. I actually road the dirt bike around yesterday for about 15 minutes in the backyard since it's been a while since it has run. I am feeling positive and feel if I can stick with this training for the rest of my life I can beat this problem. If anyone know's a trainer, doctor, P/T who speacializes with this lower back problem in Houston, Texas let me know. I do not want surgery as the study I have done has not made me confident that I will not have to deal with this problem even if I have surgery. I figure it's going to be good to be fit anyway so might as well try this route then if all else fails then consider the surgery.
  4. Me and a buddy bought new 2002 XR400's. After about 3 mounths I decided this was not the bike for me, started racing, so I traded it for a KTM 200 MXC. Road it for a couple years, sweet bike but not enough POWER!!! Now I just bought a 2005 KTM 450 EXC! This in my opinion is what I wanted out of my XR400. The bike rips! If I were you, 200+ pounds, go with the 525 EXC! You won't be dissapointed.
  5. smb

    xr 80 bog ?

    I dont mess around... no, the bike has been waiting for a few weeks on the works shock so I pretty much had it all apart and that was an easy fix. Fired it up, still has a little bog with needle in 3rd from bottom position and 1.5 turns out on the air screw. Going to let him ride it this weekend and see how it runs a normal running temps.. we have a place in the country where I made a little one mile loop in the woods. built the track while riding the 80 just for my kids. let me tell you, this bike is a blast to rip in the woods, can't wait to ride it now after all the suspension and carb mods..
  6. smb


    simple things pull baffle out of exhaust or go with after market exhaust open up air box by cutting out some of the plastic from top pull all the breather tubes from carb pull screens from airfilter canister put a works shock on back put some sockets or whatever in front forls for some preload suspension work would depend on childs weight, if small I would leave stock for now until he reaches 90+ pounds.
  7. smb

    xr 80 bog ?

    done, just pulled all the screen material out just leaving that one inner layer of metal with the holes in it. Thanks.
  8. smb

    XR80 air filter

    looking for aftermarked filter for my son's 2001 XR80. Want to replace stock foam filter and metal canister it goes over. Any suggestions?
  9. smb

    xr 80 bog ?

    I will have to look into pulling the screen out of the canister. How easy was that?
  10. smb

    xr 80 bog ?

    instead of tearing apart the stock canister for the air box, does K&N or someone make an after market filter that will replace that metal canister and foam? One that will fit right into the stock airbox? I am doing the same thing to my son's XR80. I put a Works performance shock, stiffened the front forks and pulled the rear off the exhaust and cut out the top of the airbox. I am going to re-jet but am looking for a better air filter.
  11. where do you look in the manual to reduce squirt time?
  12. smb

    New Mexico Riders

    Me and a friend are looking to ride norther N.M. this summer too. We road Cloudcroft last summer and had a blast. Would be interested in hooking up with you in Northern N.M. Jimenez area...???
  13. smb

    XR 80 stiffer springs

    My son rides a 2001 XR80. I had the same problem, stock suspension was too soft. I dumped some money into it, I purchased the Works Performance Steel Gasser shock and dropped a socket in each of the front fork stansion tubes for pre-load and the bike is perfect for him and me and I weigh 180. Shock was $300, sockets where $1.50. I used 1/2" for one side and 7/16 for the other, not sure why 1/2 did not fit both, but the change was definetly noticible. I also changed the grade of oil in the fork.
  14. smb

    Which Fork?

    Which year model fork from a Honda CR80/85 can be used to put on a 2001 Honda XR80? My son blew out his shock last night so I went ahead and spent the extra $160 and orderd the Works Steel Gasser with Resevoir. Now I would like to stiffen up the front end. My first shot will be to try the 1/2 inch socket down the tube with some light to medium oil, but the ultimate would be to put on the CR front end. Can someone tell me the expense and technical ability for this project? Any links to how it's done? gracias!
  15. smb

    Which Fork?

    come on, someone has done this mod to an XR80?
  16. smb


    I have put the SIK50 suspension up-grade on my son's 2003 XR50 to give him the suspension and height to ride this bike for a while longer. Now he is ready for some more power. Would the 88cc kit be good? I am pretty sure he would love a bike that could pull a wheelie on command. Would this be the ticket? Any brand kits to stay away from?
  17. smb

    450 exc for MXing......

    I have an '05 450 EXC and am having no problem with the stock suspension on 50+ foot jumps, as long as I am not casing the jumps the suspension is doing just fine.
  18. smb

    450 exc for MXing......

    I have an '05 450 EXC and went out for my first ride which happend to be at a local MX track. With a little suspension adjustment this bike can take it all. Power? Plenty of it! Don't be afraid to ride at your track with this bike off the show room floor. Ride it then make needed adjustments and have fun!
  19. smb

    Looking for a 250R or 250X?

    What's your out the door price for the 2005 CRF250R? I am located in Texas
  20. I am considering the 2005 CRF250R as a woods bike. I currently ride a KTM 200 MXC. This is a great bike for sure but would like to try the 250 4-stroke. I am guessing they would be similar in handling, the weight of a 125 but more power. I am wanting even more torque so am thinking this new 250 4-stroke is the ace? What mods can I do to make this a woods weapon? Other than the obvious: bark busters skid plate rotar guards etc What about a new triple clamp? I sat on a 2005 and the set up seemed cramped compared to my KTM? Can I get a tank that will hold more than 2 gallons and not look like some big enduro bike? What have you done to your CRF250R to make it a woods weapon? Don't tell me to by the X, I would prefer the suspension and weight of the R.
  21. I removed the stock air box on my son's 2003 XR50 and replaced it with a UNI filter and have a FMF Power Core 4 exhaust system. Trying to get rid of the bog off the initial throttle hit. I have played with the needle setting and air screw but no luck. I am in Houston, Texas, so Sea Level. Can anyone give me some direction? Maybe I should change the pilot jet one up for more fuel since I have allowed more air in the engine with the exaust and intake change?
  22. removed the stock air box on my son's 2003 XR50 and have all these hoses that come from the top of the crank case. What's the replacement for all that? Need something like they have for the big bikes.
  23. smb

    Rev Limiter

    Can you remove the Rev Limiter on a stock 2003 XR50? What simple and inexpensive mods can I do to the bike to increase the top end speed? CDI box, are they worth it?