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  1. I believe you are at Positrons recommended settings --i have stock exhaust and am running 1/5/2/3.5 as per posi and it works well--did you read that possibly the foam / oil air cleaner is causing someone here problems as it can?/ bleed oil onto the sensors Oxy and the injector?? No I did not see that, is there a way of checking or a easy fix ?
  2. Can some one please advise me on best ejk settings, have already asked the question but after riding over the last few weeks I feel the setting maybe too high im no expert but im using a lot more fuel and im not feeling the gains after looking I see people recommend 1.5 1.5 2.5 my current settings are 1.5 2.5 4.5 and fmf ejk recommend 3, 3, 6 and a email response from ejk recommend 1.5 1.5 2.5 but I think that was based on stock bike, my crf is mod air box mega bomb on q4 and foam filter 13-42 sprokets on 17" wheels please advise thank you
  3. I ordered a takegawa bigbore and was told it wouldn't ship for 3 weeks, I was uneasy after seeing this post and wondered if I should have ordered the full cam kit and fuel controller so I canceled my order, my question is 1.is the bigbore noticeable power increase and recommended. 2.what brand and parts are recommended as ill order anain today Thanks heaps
  4. Took my crf250l supermoto out for the first time today, I have replaced the chain with a 520 gold and sprokets with a 13/ 42 im noticing a ticking/ rattling sound at slow pushing/walking speed I can isolate that the front sproket is making a ticking sound and after doing some research I seen that the gear ratio nosie can be the result, just wanted to ask the question and troubleshoot if anyone else knows my chain is not too tight thanks
  5. Where can u get the same belly plate and headlight/front fender as here ??
  6. Guys i thought that I already asked but im unable to find the post, I just purchased thr takegawa bigbore and wanted to know if a ejk controller would be suitable ?
  7. Ejk fitted im colorblind so tuning was quite hard but im pretty sure that its fine the question is now my bike is off the stand I can hear a clicking sound when riding; like the old card in the wheel trick I walked next to the bike as I pushed it along and im nearly 100% sure its coming from the front sproket/chain area my guess maybe chain is a bit seized or maybe I have my chain to tight ? Any ideas
  8. Thank you, so cruise 1.5 accelerate 2.5 full throttle 4.5 and what about the blue switch points ?
  9. Yeah I have drilled airbox, megabomb and q4 with 13/42 sprockets
  10. Just got my ejk in the post, on purchase I chose crf250l option, my question is how do I know if the tuning is correct and what is the best tuning recommended ?
  11. Most people calibrate the speedo and run a 42 rear...
  12. Yeah I think you'll think its a crush washer u need to pry it out as it crushes as u tighten your headers, recommend to replace but hard to find I had to order one in but yeah to recap the old one wont fall out u need to pull it out
  13. Justed took the crfa off the stand, megabomb q4 system installed, air box opened uni foam filter, tidy back lights and 13-42 sprokets set she is a different bike much nicer pops the front up no problem my electric fuel control should be here today very excited
  14. Is it safe to say that if you fitted the fuel control this would not be a issue, not being a smart arse but looking to order one and dont want any issues
  15. I followed the last post and there is no option for crf250l only 250r and 250x to fit supermoto 17" do u need to fit new chain and spacer??
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