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  1. Dirtysdad

    110 vs 120 rear tire on a 2012 KX 450f

    Thanks for your input Bubba. And as for the Michelin's, I've put them on EVERY bike we've had! My son races in the B class and swears on those tires... Man the Starcross are the bomb! For the 250 class... Now we ride both and I sure hate to change a good thing. Be safe
  2. Dirtysdad

    110 vs 120 rear tire on a 2012 KX 450f

    I cant find a Michelin 120 80x19(stock size). They offer a 110 80x19. How will that effect my kid on a motocross track?
  3. Dirtysdad

    Hinson Racing Clutch Cover

    Not installed yet but they are one of my son's sponsors, so it goes on all the bikes...
  4. Dirtysdad

    DID X-Ring VT2 chain

    Color seems to last.(Chains and sprockets never last do they :-)
  5. Dirtysdad

    Works Connection Axle Blocks

    2 Thumbs up !
  6. Dirtysdad

    Tag Metals Racing Rear Sprocket

    VERY durable.Great looking too!
  7. Dirtysdad

    Tag Metals Racing Front Sprocket

    Been on my bikes for 10 years
    Works as good as it looks... Killer !
  8. Dirtysdad

    Works Connection Engine Plugs

    love the new green
  9. Dirtysdad

    Works Connection Radiator Braces

    A must for serious racers...
  10. Dirtysdad

    Works Connection hour meter

    Have never had a problem with this brand. Works great
  11. Dirtysdad

    Works Connection Pro Launch Start Device

    Works like a charm !
  12. Dirtysdad

    ODI Grips Emig V2 Lock-On Grips

    easy to install. And love the "no grip glue" theme. My son ran these in his series last year, and they held up surprisingly well
  13. Dirtysdad

    Hammerhead Designs Rear Brake Pedal Lever Kit

    Looks great and functions as it should !!!!
  14. Dirtysdad

    Kawasaki KX250F (2015)


    Bike is awesome! Kid loves it. Especially the oversized front brake.(stock). Need to put some Michelin's on her.A Yoshimura slip-on,(we ride in the limited class)and Factory Connection suspension.<br />