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  1. 5270ADVRIDER

    Initial Yz250fx test ride today, better than I expected.

    I'm running the GYTR Hard Hitting / Loamy map straight from Yamaha. It works so good that I don't even want to try anything else. **You'll read about the sketchy throttle (at idle speed) too. It's all TRUE with the stock map. I couldn't stand on the pegs and ride around my yard it was so touchy. It was either idle or WAY too much. After uploading the new map it's perfect (for my riding style). Non need to replace the throttle with a G2 or something that cost $$.
  2. 5270ADVRIDER

    Initial Yz250fx test ride today, better than I expected.

    Went from a 2013 WR450F to the YZ250FX this spring and I'm not looking back. I think I'm actually faster in the woods on this bike and it's a blast on a MX track. You won't be disappointed if you get one. I put on a FMF 4.1TI slip-on (needed a spark arrestor) and uploaded a new map. Added guards(hand,radiator,skid plate) and the fan kit (it's never came on lol). Set my sag and went out two clicks on the front forks. LOVE this bike. If you want to ride one for a day before buying one look me up, I work for a Yamaha dealer. Correy
  3. 5270ADVRIDER

    Any one have a GYTR power tuner?

    Not sure where you guys are located, but I carry mine in my trailer every time I ride. I'm riding Cedar Creek, Holton or maybe Horseshoe this Sunday if you want to meet up and use it. Otherwise I live in Marcellus and work in Coloma. Send me a PM for my number. Correy
  4. Cedar Creek is just a fun loop. There seems to be 5-6 regulars there that have 250FX's now. I'm thinking about riding there Sunday.
  5. 5270ADVRIDER

    15FX ?

    You're 100% correct. I forgot it's July! Still a great deal though.
  6. 5270ADVRIDER

    15FX ?

    That bike qualifies for $300 additional BluCru also. Even if they added $1000 fees and tax it's a good deal. Buy it and LOVE it!
  7. There are several out there. Any Parts Unlimited dealer can get you one. Baja and Enduro Engineering also have them.
  8. FYI, your stock headlight has a hi/low beam, you just need to install a switch. Your stock taillight also has a brake light in it. It's just not wired. You really do. It need to purchase a kit.
  9. I didn't use the Ryco lighting kit, but the plate holder is nice. I've purchased and installed several this past year. It installs right over the stock tail light. I found a couple of photos, Hope this helps.
  10. 5270ADVRIDER

    Who has the NICEST YZ/WR 250F on Thumpertalk?

    Work in progress, but I love it!
  11. 5270ADVRIDER

    New YZ250FX

    I finally broke mine in, changed the oil & filter, then took it for a real ride. OMG I love this thing! Definitely NOT missing my 450.
  12. 5270ADVRIDER

    New YZ250FX

  13. 5270ADVRIDER

    I will just park these pics here

    Thank you for being a BluCru guy! Love the pics.
  14. 5270ADVRIDER

    2015 yz250fx take off Plastics

    Thinking I'll buy blanks and wrap them then sell my stock set on eBay! lol
  15. 5270ADVRIDER

    2015 yz250fx take off Plastics

    There are two options for the side covers. One with out graphics ($62.42 each) and another called Side Cover Insert. The side cover inserts are the side covers with graphics. Part numbers are B29-217R0-20-00 for the left and B29-217S0-20-00 for the right. $205.09 each.