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  1. 04crf230f

    Snow in airbox!!

    Daver, thats the exact conditions that i have. It just finished snowing and it was REAL fine powder snow. You couldnt compact it to make a snow ball it was that powdery : (if thats a word :excuseme ) It was about 1ft + of snow. Went through some drifts up to the bars, but that was only the 1st run, the 2nd run was more snow and i didnt even ride that long. ill check the tube, but i think its all comming under the seat and sucked in by the top. Even though i have the intake baffle in now.
  2. 04crf230f

    230 too expensive!?!?!?!?!

    i understand where you were comming from. Im not bashing what ANYONE is saying so PLEASE PLEASE dont take me the wrong way. Sometimes what you think comes out differently then when you type it. I myself just cant see putting more money into the bike that i want to get rid of. BUT i will take your advice and make sure everything is cleaned properly, lubed, nothing bent etc. The fenders are already off the biek from before when i started to clean it. I think im just going to again get some degreaser, scrub the motor. Put it all back together, and wait till warmer weather. Although i really need the money now, its not worth losing alot more money then i have to just because of winter. Its like snowmoblies. In winter they sell like hotcakes because people like me wait till the last minute to get one, once the warmer weather comes people should look for dirtbikes. Although the release of the 06 crfs cant be good for my 04
  3. 04crf230f

    230 too expensive!?!?!?!?!

    You quote "improvement" as thats the reason that i painted the fenders? I have no idea where you got that idea from. If you knew about the 230 and read some of my posts you would se that RED is the only color that these bikes came in. I said (might not have said it in this post) that the reason they were painted is to be different. So not when you pull up to someone they know right away its a honda by the color alone. Had there been aftermarket fenders available they would have been purchased instead of painting. My shrouds were practicly mint with minimal scratches in the graphics. Also, how can you tell a bike is "abused" by if its 100% clean. ever hear "all show and no go" not knocking on you but some of the things you guys are saying are crazy. Replace all the fenders, bars, levers, chain etc loose about $200 and still take huge loss.
  4. 04crf230f

    Snow in airbox!!

    I dont know whats going on. But im afraid to ride in the snow again, so its just sitting in my garage now
  5. 04crf230f

    230 Fuel and mileage

    i get approx 90+miles on my trail tech on a FULL tank, right about the time i need to switch to reserve
  6. Well we have about 12-15 inches of snow here. Since i dont have a quad anymore, or a sled i took the crf out. Figured i might as well since it probably wont sell anytime soon, might as well enjoy it. Well, It was running fine for 5 min, but then after that 5 min it started to bog past 1/2 throttle. Went home and though it was gas, nope full tank of fresh gas. So i pulled the side panel and airbox cover to find my filter covered in snow So i took it out, got all the snow out, took a hair drier to the airbox, made it all dry and clean, then waited till the filter was fully dried, again cleaned it and re-oiled it. But the intake baffle on the box top was out that time. So i installed the cover, went out again later that day and the same thing. Went home, and put the bike away. Today i went to go clean it and pull all the fenders off to clean the bike real good, and the airbox is COMPLETELY PACKED with snow. Worse then before, and i didnt ride as long as the last time. None that i could tell got into the inside of the filter because it was oiled and so cold outside that the snow didnt melt. Is there any way i can do something so i can ride in the snow? I even fabed a little cover out of a sock type of thing, and still all the snow got in. Is there like some other hole in the airbox im not seeing thats letting all the snow in. And Toast i believe this is what happened when i Pm'ed you
  7. 04crf230f

    Track ettiquette: are newbies annoying?

    as long as your not taking up the entire track going 1st gear you shoudl be fine. When i was on a quad, i was "decent" i wouldnt say i was good and wouldnt say i totally sucked. On the flats, smaller doubles i could clear. On the bigger jumps i usually would just look behind me and see if anyone is comming if not then take my time over it. Seeing how i was not a very fast rider in some sections i had 2 dirtbikers yell at me "stay to the right" so i guess thats what you should do if you arent as fast as the others
  8. 04crf230f

    230 too expensive!?!?!?!?!

    wow i just never thought that these bike lost that much value being only 1 year old. I thought they would at least carry SOME value but clearly not
  9. 04crf230f

    230 too expensive!?!?!?!?!

    hey man, im not getting mad or angry. Just curious. THe bike is a very clean bike. Its just been really cold here to try to wash the bike is near impossible. what do YOU think i should try to get for it? As soon as it warms up a little i can pull the pressure washer out and wash it to show you its a clean bike. As for the fenders, some like it some dont May i ask what was wrong with the description? I TRIED to describe the bike as honestly as i could. Thanks for all the help everyone
  10. 04crf230f

    230 too expensive!?!?!?!?!

    As stated in the auction i have all the parts to turn the bike back to 100% stock. The only mods were removed baffles and jetted. Which i have and if the new buyer wanted it i could give them. The only other mod is the fenders and the trail tech. Which if you wanted it stock and won the bike i would take the trail tech off. So pretty much your saying that i can put all the stock parts back on, take the trail tech off, sell that. Then get new front, rear and shrouds for under $75 and sell the bike for about $600-700 more?
  11. WEll had the CRF for sale for $2700. Which i really would have liked to get. And i had a few people PM me. All saying too much. So i lowered it to $2400 and still no bites. I know its winter but damn, what should i list this at. For a 2004 in GREAT condition mostly stock except the usual mods i though i should get some for $2400 so whats a good price?
  12. 04crf230f

    Crf on ebay

    COMON this is just plain stupid. $1500 and 1 bid?????????ends in 3 hrs. This is a disgrace to all crf230 owners
  13. 04crf230f

    CRF-230 Overheating?

    wow thats interesting. We rode for 7 hrs one day and my bike had no problems at all. Although i always check my oil and change it alot too. Yeah, are you sure it wasnt low on oil? this is the first 230 i heard overheat.
  14. 04crf230f

    Crf on ebay

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=4519399797 I know i know i shoudl post this in the for sale section, but i figured taht people looking at the 230s might look in this tread and see it more. But here she is, hoping to get at LEAST 2600
  15. 04crf230f

    SDG Gripper seat

    i put a gripper seat cover from a cr125 on my bike. Offa 96cr125, fits like a glove. And i even left the old one under the new one.